Scars form as a natural part of the incision healing process of any plastic surgery procedure. Scars start to form within the first 48 hours after the wound is closed and the skin is stitched back together. There are a few things you can do to minimise the appearance of any scars including treating the area with products such as those developed by Stratpharma, the global medical devices company revolutionising wound and skin care, specifically designed to help with wounds, scars and stretchmarks.

What can you do to minimise scars?

There are several things you can do to minimise scarring including:

1. Follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully – they will have given you wound
management instructions so follow these to a T!
2. Keep your wound and area clean. Bacteria is the number one cause of infection and having an infection on or around the wound site will not help with scars.
3. No smoking or drinking and eat healthy foods to promote scar healing! Your skin is better able to heal itself if it has the right ammunition to do so. Try to increase your protein intake – protein contains the building blocks for healing skin. If you don’t eat meat, eat other products high in protein!
4. Stay HYDRATED! Dehydration affects not only your body but your skin.
5. Proper wound care – keep an eye on your wound and if you suspect infection see your surgeon or doctor – the quicker you deal with it, the less damage that may be done to the wound and associated scar formation.
6. Only use ointments or scar gels and creams that are specifically designed for scar treatment. If you’re not sure, ask your surgeon or someone else who’s had success with a similar incision. Stratpharma products are specifically designed for wounds, scars and stretchmarks.

Scars usually start to fade within 3 to 12 months after the procedure. However, some scars can continue to “overheal” or continue with the scarring process after the wound has closed which can cause what is referred to as an abnormal scar.

Stratpharma products can help with the various stage of a wound and the scar process. We’ve given you a rundown of them below:

Stratamed – Open Wound Scar Gel

Stratamed is one of the only products on the market that you can actually put on an open wound to help the healing process before the skin has even closed over the top of the broken surface. Many other creams require the wound to have fully closed but Stratamed has changed all that. This is a breakthrough scar treatment that can help the skin to heal and repair much more effectively.


Strataderm – Scar Therapy Gel

Strataderm is a silicone gel that can be used on new or old scars that can help to soften and flatten scars, relieve any itching or discomfort you may have, reduce redness and discolouration and help normalise the skin around the scar to appear less obvious. The beauty of Strataderm is that it can be applied under makeup, sunscreen or compression garments you may need to wear after your procedure.


Stratpharma also has other products to help with other types of scarring such as Stratamark, a gel specifically designed to help treat stretchmarks. You can even start to use it before you see any stretchmarks, so this is a great one to have on hand as soon as you are planning a pregnancy!

To read more about Stratpharma products and wounds, scars and stretchmarks go here. If you’d like to buy any of the Stratpharma products just head over to our shop – we love them so much we stock them!


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