Factor 4 has got to be one of the THE hottest non-surgical treatments on the market right now. I recently met with Shaun, the face of Factor 4 (check out my interview with him here), but I wanted to find out more about why clinics all over the country are jumping to get this treatment into their clinics and why it’s results are so revolutionary.

Embraced by the best surgeons

Factor4 skin rejuvenation treatments were embraced by the world’s top surgeons from fairly early on. Dr Bryan Mendelson, world renowned Australian plastic and cosmetic surgeon has offered Factor 4 in his clinic for the last couple of years and he’s not the only one. So, what is it about Factor 4 that gives it such a WOW factor?

Several things I believe. First, is the science – the R&D behind Factor4 speaks for itself. Secondly, Factor4 is a completely natural, autologous treatment; there are no additives, it’s all you – a pure and natural you of your growth factors and cytokines. Lastly, the results are WOW – one’s skin is thicker, a more even tone, the skin is glowing, dewy; and a key point patients and practitioners are loving there is limited down time to a Factor4 treatments. You can even do this during a lunch break and head back to work – that you can’t do with so many other skin treatments.

PSH: Thanks Shaun, for indulging us and answering some more of our questions! One of the first questions that patients ask about any injection based treatment (with needles!), is “does it hurt”?

We all know, poking a needle into the skin won’t tickle. All practitioners are trained to ensure patient safety and comfort comes first. In every case, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to minimise any discomfort.

PSH: Factor 4 seems to be marketed towards the everyday person, not just the beautiful, rich and famous. Do you think the average person sick of feeling like aesthetic treatments are only to make beautiful people more beautiful, and do you think this is part of Factor 4’s success?

I personally feel so much of the advertising we see in our industry is overdone, unachievable and not the real deal – big lips or cheeks don’t make you beautiful. Your skin is the wallpaper of you; it’s also the largest cell of your body – it should always be beautiful. I want everyone to have beautiful skin, and that is now achievable with Factor4, and let’s face it, there is nothing better than glowing skin. It gives you confidence and makes you look a million dollars.

Factor4 - before & after

Credit: Medical Aesthetics, Geraldton

PSH: Another thing people love about Factor 4 is that it’s completely autologous. In layman’s terms this means the process uses your own blood and no foreign materials are injected into your body? Is it this more “natural” approach to rejuvenation the way of the future?

Other products and treatments say they are natural, but they often add in additives that are not that of the patients, therefore one can not say they are autologous. Nothing is added with Factor4, it’s an all-natural process. Many patients are looking for 100% natural treatments.

PSH: How much does Factor4 cost, and how competitive is this in the non-surgical aesthetics market?

Every clinic has their own pricing structure and of course we can’t tell them what they should sell any non-surgical treatment for. There is a lot more competition out there now and patients do need to compare and do their homework.

PSH: It has been suggested that regular use of Factor 4 could possibly be the equivalent of avoiding a facelift down the track. What would you say to this?

I would love to say yes to this PSH, the reality is we are ageing. Ageing is a shutting down of your body’s own ability to repair itself, Factor4 gets those repair mechanisms going again. I think Factor4 has the ability to prolong what some of us might want to have in time. I do think non-surgical procedures are more on point and affordable options. The good things is, we have many options available to us.

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