Lipogems MDermaFACTOR4 is one of today’s most advanced anti-ageing treatments available. It works by slowing down the common signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, to make your skin appear fresher and younger. What makes this treatment unique is that it uses your own blood as a base for a serum. Combining the FACTOR4 procedure with two more of today’s most innovative anti-ageing products, MDerma and Lipogems, set a new gold standard in the aesthetic industry that will help keep your youthful glow as you age.

FACTOR4: How it Works

This treatment uses your own blood! With the help of the latest medical technology, your blood is collected in the product’s special tubing and then incubated for six to nine hours. The next step is to separate the red blood cells from your blood. The results are a filtered and ready-to-use anti-ageing serum for your upcoming treatment sessions.

Applications will vary depending on the clinician’s preferred treatment protocol. It can range from direct injection, blebs, and threads to drizzle, massage, and micro-needling. Any of these protocols will help your body experience renewed cells to encourage the production of new collagen structures. It carries minimal risk, and is suitable for all skin types. Results will be visible after four just one session, although 4 sessions are recommended for optimal results but may vary from person to person.

Lipogems and MDerma

The MDerma skin needling device is an innovative anti-ageing technology that uses a sealed, sterile and disposable needle cartridge for your safety. Each cartridge contains multiple needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate the collagen production process. MDerma is recommended for use in sensitive skin types and the commonly hard to reach areas like the upper and lower lips and eyes.

Lipogems is used for micro fat tissue harvest and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s) adipose tissue reinjection. The treatment is a one-time procedure that reduces the adipose tissue clusters to their optimal size. It completely washes the pro-inflammatory oil, as well as blood debris by slightly manipulating the free enzyme in a closed aseptic system pre-filled by a specially formulated solution (set to room temperature).

Look the Best You Can

Klinic Solutions, distributors of these three innovative anti-ageing products, understand their clients and their desire to look their best they can. Each of these three products delivers remarkable results, which you can further maximise by combining all of them together to achieve a younger-looking skin.

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