We’ve been following the MonaLisa Touch for a few years now as it has been one of the affluential treatments for vaginal rejuvenation that has seen this area of medicine surge in popularity. It is used by all the leading clinics around Australia and has helped to see vaginal rejuvenation become a more talked-about and less taboo subject. Dr Tina Purdon from Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic in Melbourne loves the MonaLisa Touch and chatted to us about why her patients love it too.

PSH: What do you use the MonaLisa Touch for? What does it treat and help patients with? What are the main concerns that women come to you with? Is it used to help women with sexual satisfaction or is this usually a bonus after treating other symptoms?

Dr Tina Purdon

Dr Purdon: The ideal patient for the MonaLisa Touch is the postmenopausal women who have symptoms such as vaginal dryness, laxity, recurrent thrush or urinary tract infections, itchiness, and painful sex. It can also be used to treat women who have urinary incontinence. One of the bonuses of the treatment is that it can enhance sexual satisfaction this is because symptoms such as laxity and dryness are improved, with greater vaginal tone and lubrication the sexual experience will be more pleasurable.

PSH: What is the age bracket of women you treat with MonaLisa Touch?

Dr Purdon: The majority of women are those who have gone through menopause or are just starting to go through it and are beginning to notice changes. The vagina, just like the skin, ages significantly with menopause. I also treat younger women who have had children and are suffering with urinary incontinence.

PSH: Why MonaLisa Touch over other vaginal rejuvenation devices?

There are many different treatment options available, however the MonaLisa Touch is the only device with published studies (over 30) which have assessed the the safety, risks, side-effects and results of the treatment.

Many of the other devices being used are relatively new to the market and have little or no published evidence supporting their efficacy or safety.

PSH: What training have you had with the MonaLisa Touch and vaginal rejuvenation and why is it important for patients to ensure their practitioner has the correct training?

Dr Purdon: I have had training by High-Tech Medical as well as laser safety training. I am also a qualified General Practitioner which I think is most important when choosing a practitioner. You need to be assessed by a doctor to determine if there are more serious causes for you symptoms. I strongly recommend that all women have a thorough consultation with a doctor who has a background in women’s health.

PSH: How many treatments will a patient need, or does it vary depending on symptoms?

Dr Purdon: Initially the women will need 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Then once a year they will attend for one treatment only.

PSH: Are the results of the MonaLisa Touch long-lasting or will the patient require follow up treatments?

The vagina will continue to age just like our skin. To combat the aging process it is important to attend once a year for a ‘top-up’ treatment.

PSH: Are there any other questions women usually ask you when wanting to know about what MonaLisa Touch treats?

Dr Purdon: Women want to know if it hurts. The procedure is very fast and relatively painless. Most women find that they feel a gentle vibration for most of the treatment. Some women may feel a slight stinging.

Women also want to know about post treatment care and side-effects. As a general rule of thumb very few women experience significant side effects. Some may find some burning with urinating or slight stinging, others may notice very slight spotting or discharge. There is the small risk of an infection developing after treatment, however if the women adhere to aftercare advice this risk is low.

After the treatment women are advised to refrain from vigorous exercise, sexual intercourse or swimming/bathing for five days. After this time they can resume normal activities.
Some women will notice an improvement in symptoms after just one treatment, but the majority will see an improvement just a few weeks after the third treatment.

If you’d like more information on the MonaLisa Touch or would like to arrange a consultation with Dr Purdon, phone Coco Ruby Skin and Anti-Ageing Clinic on (03) 8849 1400. To find a clinic who offer the MonaLisa Touch treatment near you go here. For more information on the MonaLisa Touch you can also head to the website.


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