Veins are something many of us have, but until now there hasn’t really been an effective way to deal with them. The Excel V is a treatment we’ve told you about before but in the lead up to another hot Australian summer where we start baring our bodies, we thought now was a great time to start looking at it again. The exciting thing about Excel V is that it also deals with a variety of other skin conditions, including acne. We wanted to get an expert opinion on the Excel V and why it has such a great reputation as the go-to laser. Dr Sean Arendse from Flawless Rejuvenation in Melbourne has the Excel V in his clinic and was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

PSH: Excel V is used to treat veins. Does it work on all types of veins, ie. spider veins, reticular veins etc. and does it vary from patient to patient?

Dr Sean: The Excel V is Excellent in treating most types of veins with consistent results, safely and across most skin types. The 532 wavelength is excellent at dealing with facial telangiectasia, and the 1064 wavelength laser is great with spider veins and deeper blue vessels of the face and legs. Larger vessels and varicose veins are sometimes better treated with more invasive modalities, and we refer these on to a specialist.

PSH: Excel V has also been seen to have some great results for sufferers of acne. How does this work and can you talk us through the actual process of the treatment for acne? Is Excel V suitable for teenagers?

Dr Sean: The Excel V is great at treating the skin abnormalities that result from acne such as redness and scarring. The 532 wavelength targets the red pigmentation – the redder the scar, the easier the treatment, and obviously the better the result.

The Laser Genesis modality is a gentle and collagen-producing solution for uneven texture, and mild scarring, and we have seen improvements when patients are treated regularly once a month. The beauty of this treatment is that there is zero downtime so patients can have the treatment in their lunchtime and go straight back to work.

When used in combination with a good medicated topical treatments and oral antibiotics we have seen improvements in the severity of the scarring, and anecdotally sometimes an improvement in acne breakouts, which may be due to a decrease in oil production and pore size.

The Excel V is suitable for older teenagers, but we always obtain parental consent before we treat anyone under the age of 18, and it is always as part of an acne treatment regimen rather than a standalone treatment.

PSH: Excel V is said to treat over 20 aesthetic and dermatologic concerns. How is it able to cross such a broad spectrum of treatments?

Dr Sean: The Excel V is really 3 lasers in one: the 532, 1064 and Laser Genesis (ND:YAG laser), allowing it to treat a wide variety of different skin conditions.

PSH: Is Excel V suitable for all skin types or are there some patients for whom it is not recommended?

Dr Sean: Provided you stick to the preset parameters the Excel V is a very safe laser across all skin types. Obviously one must exercise caution when treating patients who are prone to hyper or hypopigmentation – those at the extremes of the Fitzpatrick classifications, as well as those on photosensitizing medications.

PSH: One of the side effects of the Excel V treatment is swelling. Why does this occur and what is the downtime of the treatment?

A little swelling is common after the procedure with the 532 and 1064 modes, but not the laser genesis. Swelling is the body’s natural healing process. Any laser device causes very controlled and precise damage to targeted structures, which must be removed and repaired; thus the body produces a mild inflammatory response. This can last up to a few days, but can be minimised with the use of ice and sleeping propped up following extensive treatments.

PSH: Why do you prefer Excel V over other treatments for skin issues? Why do you think it works so well and why should patients choose Excel V over any of the other devices on the market?

Dr Sean: I love my Excel V as it is the most versatile laser on the market. It treats a wide range of conditions with very safe and effective preset parameters, and protocols provided by Cutera. These protocols are the consensus settings that have been formulated by Cutera’s key opinion leaders from regular round table events.

The Excel V laser is currently the Gold standard vascular laser on the market, and allows Flawless Rejuvenation to standout from the crowd with regards to safe, consistent and effective treatments.

For more information about Dr Sean or his clinic Flawless Rejuvenation, or if you’re in Melbourne and would like to make an appointment for an Excel V treatment with Dr Sean phone their Toorak office on (03) 9827 5246.

If you’d like to find a practitioner near you who has the Excel V treatment in their clinic click here.


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