Trish: I’m here today with Dr Bruce Allan, who’s a gynaecologist from Canada. We are going to have a talk about this fantastic new treatment that’s just come out to the market and we’re talking about the device that’s used to perform that treatment. Thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr. Bruce: My pleasure.

Trish: Tell us about the Viveve. What is that? I’m really excited by this product, so tell us a little bit about it?

Dr. Bruce: Viveve is really revolutionary. It was developed to address the issue of vaginal laxity in women. Vaginal laxity is a significant; it’s a huge issue actually; for women who had children, vaginal deliveries or even sometimes, part of the ageing process. The collagen in the vagina’s loss, the vaginal tissues to be stretched through childbirth. When we do surveys, we find that over 50% of women identify vaginal laxity as a significant issue. However they’re reticent to discuss it with their physicians because this is a very intimate subject, and women often feel they don’t have permission to discuss it with their physicians, the physicians often don’t raise the issue.

People don’t realise how big an issue it is, but when you do the surveys, when you talk to women specifically about it, you find that vaginal laxity is not only a significant issue for them, but the results of vaginal laxity which are things like decreased sensation with intercourse, relationship issues. Those are even bigger issues. Viveve addresses that issue by applying heat energy to tighten the vaginal tissues, but it goes above and beyond that.

Viveve uses a patented radiofrequency energy. It’s a monopolar energy, so it’s able to penetrate deep into the tissues. It’s also coupled with cryogenic cooling. What that means; that the tissues are cooled and then heated with a radio frequency energy and then they’re cooled again. Now what that does, is that it protects the surface epithelium of the vaginal canal so that there isn’t any thermal injury to the epithelium and it allows the heat energy to penetrate very deep into the vaginal tissues. It penetrates probably 5mm or more, and we know by biopsy studies that it penetrates at least 5mm, but it probably penetrates even deeper than that. When you apply heat energy to the vaginal tissues, it stimulates the fibroblasts and the fibroblasts produce collagen. It produces new collagen in the vaginal canals, so not only increases the feeling of tightness in the vagina but it also increases the integrity of the vaginal walls. The important part of the vaginal canal for sexual sensation is the introitus.

The introitus is the lower third of the vagina, and it’s surrounded by the clitoral bulbs. During intercourse the frictional forces of intercourse will be transmitted through vaginal walls to the clitoral bulbs, up to the clitoris and that’s why a woman will feel sensation and stimulation in the introital area of the vagina during intercourse. Viveve addresses the introitus specifically by improving the integrity of the vaginal walls. Although it was developed to address vaginal laxity, where it really shines, where it makes a real difference, is in sexual sensation, sexual stimulation and the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

Trish: Okay, so it’s basically stimulating the collagen at a deeper level?

Dr. Bruce: It does. It stimulates the fibroblasts at a very, very deep level, deeper than any other technologies, 5mm more. It stimulates the fibroblasts and in response to the stimulation, the fibroblasts produce new collagen and tighter collagen, and it firms up the vaginal tissue under the surface.

Trish: Okay, great. Is it just a one treatment or do you have to have a few treatments or is it a one off treatment? How does that work?

Dr. Bruce: There are several published studies in the literature looking at the long term results of Viveve, and we know that up to at least a year the results are sustained up to 12 months or more, so it’s very long term with one single treatment.

Trish: Okay, great. This is just being released into the market in Australia, so it’s just getting it’s word out now?

Dr. Bruce: It is. It’s just brand new in Australia. I’ve used it in Canada for over four years. I’ve treated over 200 patients. The results have been absolutely amazing, but it’s not just my word; we actually have two very good published studies on the long term effects of Viveve with a single treatment, but also there’s a new study coming out. It’s a randomised controlled study, with a large number of patients and it’s very, very exciting. The results are very promising.

Trish: Great, so you’ve got the evidence of over 200 people to back the studies as well?

Dr. Bruce: Exactly. We’ve got scientific evidence. It’s not just the word of the doctors and the patients, that’s very important, but there is actually scientific literature and published journals.

Trish: Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for taking the time today. If you’re interested in having this treatment or finding out where you can get it done or interested in actually getting the device so you can do the treatment itself, drop us an email at Thank you so much.

Dr. Bruce: Thank you Trish.


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