As women age, so do their more intimate areas. Viveve is a non-surgical, quick and painless treatment to help treat vaginal laxity and incontinence. Viveve works at a cellular level to restore collagen and help tighten the vagina and can have both functional and aesthetic benefits. Melanie Parsons from Millenium Wellness Centre in Sydney helps us understand What is Viveve and how it is helping with women’s wellness.

How your vagina changes as you age

When women talk about their vagina, quite often they don’t realise they’re talking about their vulva. The vulva is the outside area while your vagina which is actually the canal inside. The vulva includes the lips, clitoris, labia majora and the labia minora. As we age, both the vulva and vaginal tissues lose their fullness and therefore tightness, leading to a range of issues. There is a name for what women’s intimate areas go through as we age, especially as we near menopause. It’s called Vulvovaginal Atrophy (or VVA), and refers to the gradual loss of estrogen. It’s interesting to note that estrogen is our sex hormone so it directly relates to the deteriorisation in both the appearance and the function of the vagina.

Viveve vaginal rejuvenation

The Viveve device is “like a toothbrush”

Symptoms of Vaginal Ageing

  • Loss of volume
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Irritation, itchiness or burning
  • Chafing – leading to light bleeding
  • Dehydration – loss of moisture
  • Thinning vaginal walls
  • Painful sex
  • An increase in vaginal alkalinity leading to persistent discharge, often mistaken for thrush.

How can Viveve help with Vaginal Ageing?

Viveve is a radiofrequency device designed to treat the vaginal tissue. It works by the thin arm (Melanie compares it to the size of a toothbrush!) of the device being inserted into the vagina and stimulates the collagen to bring it back to a more youthful state. Melanie explains further about how Viveve works. “After a Viveve treatment it takes between 90 to 120 days for the collagen to regrow, which creates many great benefits such as increased sexual satisfaction, arousal, lubrication and ability to orgasm. It also helps with urine leakage – we’ve had some great results for women with this issue. It does this by helping with overall laxity and increases the support of the tissue around the urethra, so we’re helping with overall tightness in the vagina and any issues that stem from this.”

The Viveve is also able to help treat those women who may have vaginal trauma through childbirth. Melanie says the number one concern for women post-delivery is laxity which affects both sexual satisfaction and can also cause some incontinence, and the Viveve is perfect for this.

How many Viveve treatments do you need?

Viveve vaginal rejuvenation

Melanie from Millenium Wellness Centre in Sydney

The Viveve treatment works after only one treatment. Melanie says, “One treatment has shown lasting results up to 12 -18 months after the treatment. Those women with chronic incontinence who were previously looking at surgery may find they need to have the Viveve treatment every year to maintain effectiveness and keep the tissues strong and able to support the urethra. It has been shown to provide significant results helping many women avoid surgery altogether.”

The Viveve treatment takes up to 45 minutes and has no downtime – the woman can go straight back to her normal activities after a treatment.

How does Viveve radiofrequency compare with laser?

Melanie explains how the Viveve radiofrequency device compares with laser treatments. “Both laser and RF work on the same principle of stimulating new collagen growth. The Viveve RF is a lower energy, slowly delivered that gets to a deep level in the tissue without the risk of burning the surface. This means that the results are more effective for treating sexual function and laxity. Viveve is TGA approved for vaginal treatment so Australian women know that there are enough studies and research out there to show this is a safe and effective treatment.”

Viveve is an extremely safe, quick and effective treatment for all symptoms of the ageing vagina and can also help with a range of younger women’s health issues. To find a practitioner who offers this treatment click here. If you’re a practitioner who’s interested in finding out more about the Viveve or would like to get this amazing device in your clinic email us at


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