Do you want a career in Aesthetics? Dreaming of becoming a dermal therapist or cosmetic nurse or wishing for a career change but not sure how to go about it? Aesthetics is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and clinics are always on the lookout for qualified and experienced practitioners. You might even dream of owning your own skin clinic? One of the best ways you can get started is to check out the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science (AACDS). They are a training organisation with some of the most comprehensive and relevant courses in cosmetic medicine in Australia.

What courses do AACDS offer?

AACDS offer several courses, but the one you’ll want to check out first if you have no other training in the industry is the Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science. This qualification is for those new to the field of cosmetic medicine and beauty. It covers the basics you’ll need to find work as a dermal therapist in a cosmetic medical practice. From there, you can choose any of their other courses to further your more specialised training,

The full range of courses AACDS offer are:

10453nat Diploma Of Personal Care Formulation
10510nat Advanced Diploma Of Cosmetic Dermal Science
52707wa Graduate Diploma Of Dermal Therapies
52709wa Graduate Diploma Of Cosmetic Nursing
Gdtlbt801a Analyse Light-based Therapies Used In Cosmetic Medicine (& Ipl/Laser Safety Officer’s Certificate)

Hands on training

There are many  reasons why you might consider AACDS to kickstart your career in aesthetics. Not only do they have some of the very few nationally accredited courses in Australia and are therefore recognised amongst the leading industry organisations, but their hands on training is second to none. All trainers are industry professionals and training takes place in fully functional cosmetic medical practice with a ratio of only two students per trainer. This ensure exclusivity to equipment and provides a safe learning environment. You also have the opportunity to gain experience in the latest devices and technologies being offered in clinics around the country, making you highly employable. In addition, AACDS is linked to Aspire Medispa, a specially created student clinic where students can get hands on experience in a truly unique learning environment, preparing you for what it’s like in a real clinic.

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of AACDS is that they have a free graduate recruitment website where employers come to find their future employees. Being a graduate of AACDS gives you a great chance of finding employment in the industry that you want to be a part of.

Now with four campuses around Australia: Perth, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, you can choose where to study. For those who live in other areas there is also the opportunity to do online study (although keep in mind some courses have some elements that need physical attendance, but you can discuss this with your course coordinator before you start).

If you’d like more information on AACDS so you can kickstart your career in the aesthetics and beauty industry, check out their website!


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