So it’s been two weeks since my CoolSculpting treatment and I can see a slight reduction on my sides but not yet my tummy.  My tummy is still numb and tingly and I get the occasional minor cramp.  Big improvement from week one as I’m not so tender.  Still a little too tender to wear jeans or anything tight around that area.

I still feel a little bloated and I have been pretty good with my “not too much fat” diet, although I couldn’t resist a piece of cheesecake after dinner on Sunday night!

People have been intrigued as to what CoolSculpting is and I’ve explained it how it is and then shown them the photos I took of my treatment and they can’t believe that a machine can just freeze your fat cells and kill them off to leave you looking slimmer!!  I say…..”me either!!!!”  But it seems to be working!

Bring on week 3.


Following a long corporate career as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager, Ilke set on the path of self development, wanting to learn and grow on a deeper level to really evolve, not just as an individual but as a mum and wife.

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