Results, results, results! Of course! But results come from having fully trained and qualified practitioners and doctors, the highest quality and most effective treatments and devices, and a beautiful, well-equipped clinic also doesn’t go astray! With the spotlight in the media recently on clinics with substandard facilities and personnel, we wanted to remind you that there are some awesome clinics and dedicated practitioners with super amazing skills, able to get you the results you want. VIE Institute on the Sunshine Coast in QLD is one of these clinics that makes it easy to identify what makes a beauty clinic great.

Dr Mark McGovern

Dr Mark McGovern

Passion about results

One of the things you notice when you first step through the doors at VIE Institute is that everyone seems to be happy about being there. From the staff to the patients, it’s a supportive and friendly environment. But back to results. Dr Mark McGovern, Plastic Surgeon and owner of VIE Clinic says, “My team and I are passionate about making our clients extremely happy with their physical appearance and ongoing health and vitality. We’re equally passionate about the quality with which it must be done.”

VIE InstituteAnother reason why VIE Institute are successful in getting results is that they only offer treatments and non-surgical devices that have proven results. Dr McGovern agrees. “So what works and what doesn’t, and how would you know? We only take on board procedures and products that have a known track record to deliver. Any product or procedure that has just emerged should be avoided at all costs – as you – yes you- are the guinea pig. How many products or procedures have you heard touted as the latest and greatest, only for them to disappear completely within a year or so? The reason being that a) they just didn’t work or b) the problems associated outweighed the benefits. We’ll discuss with you the many treatments that we are happy to perform knowing that they give maximal benefit with minimal problems associated. We take the guess work out of the equation and give you results.”

Treatments on Offer

So, what treatments and procedures do VIE Institute offer?

Besides Dr McGovern and his full range of plastic surgery procedures, VIE offer a full range of non-surgical options:

  • VIE InstituteMedical Grade Skin Peels
  • Medical Grade Treatments, including CIT (Skin Needling) and Dermaplaning
  • Medical Grade Take Home Skin Care
  • Acne Solutions
  • Pigmentation Treatments
  • Rosacea Solutions
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Wrinkle Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Vein Treatments
  • HeaLite LED Treatments Peri-operatively and for Appearance Enhancement

One of the things we love about VIE Institute is that their website has a huge range of before and after photos. Not only that, but they are genuinely all happy patients. We’ve done a few real stories from VIE over the last few years and so we know their patients are looked after.

The other reason why you know VIE Institute has your best interests at heart is because they offer their clients a VIP loyalty program. They want you to be completely happy with your results, and they are so confident that you will be and want to go back that they reward you with regular customer benefits.

The team at VIE Institute

The team at VIE Institute

VIE Institute have people coming from all over Australia to see their highly skilled practitioners. They will even help you with your accommodation and trip planning if you are coming from out of town.

And remember, VIE Institute is owned by a well respected Australian Plastic Surgeon, Dr Mark McGovern. This gives you a good indication of the sort of care you can expect to receive.

If you’d like to read more about VIE Institute or Dr Mark McGovern check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation give them a call on 07 5479 2922.

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