Man boobs can be the result of a medical condition that a man was born with, they could manifest as a side effect from a disease or they can be caused by obesity. Given the levels of obesity in our society today it is not surprising that this is the most common cause.

Increased fat levels result in too much estrogen in your system. And what causes this high level of estrogen you ask? Amazingly enough it always comes back to the foods we eat and the exercise that we aren’t doing.

Possibly the first realization for a man of his man-boobs or “moobs” occurs like this:
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, 28 degrees, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. You can picture the beach scenery of white sand, rolling breakers and beautiful blue waters.
“Right everyone, let’s get our swimmers on and head on down to the beach” you say to the family,
“Hurry up now we don’t want to waste any time”.

So you rush into your bedroom, whip off your duds and shirt to put on the beach gear and by chance you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the mirror. It’s like a scene from jaws except it’s the sight of your man boobs that scares the living daylights out of you. No amount of sucking in or searching for a single redeeming feature can change the fact that your man boobs are not a manly sight. Suddenly the thought of parading around in full view down at the beach seems not so wonderful.

As I said in the opening paragraph, obesity is the major cause of man boobs. For these man boobs it’s not been some mysterious infection that has struck in the dead of night. The wrong foods and a lack of exercise are the culprits. So now you know the cause, let me give you a few quick hints on how to reduce them.

STOP eating all that fast food. If it comes in plastic from a drive-thru window then there is a good chance that it will increase your estrogen levels and promote your man boobs. Believe me I know how easy it is just to hit the drive-thru and order those double cheese burgers and fries with a large thick shake, non-dairy of course. Now whilst your food choices may not be the only thing that is causing your estrogen levels to be elevated, it will help if you limit your trips of convenience to the fast food joint down the road. You should try to eat more organically grown and produced foods where you can afford to. A range of these foods are increasingly being sold in major supermarkets at affordable prices.

Are you ready to start exercising yet? Okay, I’m not asking you to turn into a gym junkie or a body builder with a massive chest and washboard abs, but weight lifting is going to give you some good results when you’re ready to lose the man boobs. Doing some weight lifting in a structured program will increase your testosterone levels and your sex drive as a bonus. Over doing the heavy weight lifting is going to decrease both, so make sure you get the advice of a professional first and foremost. Add into the mix plenty of walking, 8,000 – 10,000 steps per day and your exercise component will be taken care of.

Now these are things that you simply must do – no buts about it. And if you want some added assistance then you can add surgery into your game plan. Male breast reduction is now the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure being performed on men. The most popular remains a nose job. You can find out more about male breast reduction by following the link to Gynaecomastia. Alternatively, feel free to contact us and we can provide you with advice on who would be a recommended plastic surgeon for you to have a consultation with.


Bruce currently heads up a team of researchers and writers who are challenging the way people perceive plastic surgery, aiming to break down the stigma and judgments that still exist in the wider community. He also brings a male perspective to the discussions surrounding plastic surgery and in particular the growing trend for males to undergo procedures.

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