Penis enlargement surgery has been a successful medical procedure for many years. Over more recent times however it has also become a procedure increasingly undertaken for purely cosmetic reasons. Whilst there are no comprehensive Australian studies researching the reasons for the growth in the number of men either considering or having penis enlargement surgery, it is not unreasonable to assume that the driving factors would be to do with self-image and self-esteem.

In order to have poor self-esteem or body image it is first necessary to have a benchmark with which to compare. This comparison may come about as a result of what someone has read, what someone has said or what a man has personally witnessed. All of these things are very subjective and can lead to misleading interpretations and the wrong conclusions.

For example, take the famous Kinsey report of 1948 stated that the average male erect penis measured 15.75cm. This measurement was then published year after year after year. It turns out that Kinsey never actually measured any penises at all. He merely documented the results obtained from men who measured their own equipment. These men then posted the measurements to him. Is it any wonder that the average size thus calculated turns out to be bigger than what has been scientifically measured in more recent studies? The 2001 Ansell study undertaken by Ansell Inc., the manufacturers of Lifestyles condoms did actually measure the erect penises of 300 men and ascertained the average erect length to be 149mm and the average erect girth at mid length to be 126mm. Another recent study of penis size and small penis syndrome (SPS) involved a review of 50 research projects over a 60 year period. The results, published in the ‘British Journal of Urology International” found that the average erect penis size was 5.5 inch (140mm) – 6.2inch (157mm) and the average erect circumference was 4.7inch (119mm) – 5.1inch (130mm). It seems that blokes all over the world have fretted for no reason!

Surgeons advise that amongst patients, unflattering comments from females is sometimes cited as the reason that the male is seeking penis enlargement surgery. It seems that some female partners are not shy about expressing their own personal preference and subsequent disappointment when the man has finally revealed himself. Regardless that he is more than likely of normal size, such a comment would be very dispiriting, strikes at the essence of his manhood and would not easily be forgotten. It would only take one or two unlucky meetings like this and a bloke would be mentally scared and desperately seeking a solution. Despite some guys being unlucky with partners, surveys have shown that 85% of women are happy with the size of their partner’s penis as compared with only 55% of men being happy with their penis size.

Then there is the locker room syndrome. Most men have been in the change room and taken passing glances at the competition, only to find those images damaging their own self- image. A word of caution here fellas, what you think you see is more than likely not an indicator of your real position in the penis stakes. The old saying that there are growers and there are showers has been proven in studies to be very true and that flaccid penis length is not a reliable indicator of final erect length. Shorter flaccid penises tend to grow proportionally larger than longer flaccid ones. There are always going to be a proportion of men who do have large penises, just as there are a proportion of women who have large breasts. It is a mistake however to think that you might be any less desirable just because someone else is bigger.

The increasing availability of internet porn for both men and women and the physiques of the actors on display may also be influencing people’s expectations of penis size. The sexualisation of the male body in advertising is also undoubtedly a factor at play just as it has been for women. So men are increasingly comparing themselves. And as they compare they are looking at ways to attain an image that rightly or wrongly they have decided is necessary in order for them to feel better about themselves.

So, an increasing number of men are seeking to have penis enlargement surgery. This could either be by lengthening, thickening, or both. For men interested in finding out more about penis enlargement they should visit to find out more about the procedure. The hub will also provide a directory of qualified surgeons for you to consult with. Alternatively contact the hub team direct for assistance.


Bruce currently heads up a team of researchers and writers who are challenging the way people perceive plastic surgery, aiming to break down the stigma and judgments that still exist in the wider community. He also brings a male perspective to the discussions surrounding plastic surgery and in particular the growing trend for males to undergo procedures.

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