You don’t always have to be in the city to find the best aesthetic practitioners and treatments. North Coast Medispa on the Far North Coast of NSW has some of the most advanced and effective anti-ageing treatments available on the market today. Not only that, their practitioners are highly experienced and trained, including popular dermatologist Dr Ken Gudmundsen. They have three convenient locations, Lismore, Yamba and Ballina (near Byron Bay), for their loyal patients and any new ones looking for a friendly, quality beauty spa with all the bells and whistles you’d find in the city.

North Coast Medispa is recognised as having the most comprehensive list of aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments on the Far North Coast of NSW. What is it about North Coast Medispa that sets you apart from other clinics?

North Coast Medispa is an aesthetics-focused clinic that was born out of demand from our dermatology patients at Lismore Skin Clinic. Our team has access to the same training, equipment and experience of a dermatology clinic and this has allowed us to offer more effective, safer and results-driven treatments.

To have the best chance of achieving the aesthetic goals of our patients, often a “multi-modality” approach is best, which is why we aim to have a large range of treatment options available in our clinics.

What are some of the more popular treatments you have in the clinic and which ones might the general public not realise you offer?

Our most popular treatments are cosmetic injectables as well our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser treatments for unwanted veins.

Some of the lesser known treatments we offer include sweatfree injections and upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to help with droopy eyelids. Medicare rebates are available for these treatments but a referral to Dr Gudmundsen is required.

What are the different specialities each of your staff have, and how do they ensure they stay up to date with the latest techniques and technologies, especially not being in the city where there is more access to training, etc.?

RN Kerry Lynch, performing a treatment

We have staff trained in Laser/IPL therapies, cosmetic injectables, dermatology, advanced skin therapies and beauty therapy.

Continuing Professional Development is very important in ensuring our team continue to build on their knowledge and are up to date with the latest techniques and technologies in our industry. We have regular in-clinic training and we also sponsor travel for training events and industry conferences across Australia.

How do the team at North Coast Medispa work together to ensure a patient receives the best care possible?

We have a great team of highly knowledgeable and skilled practitioners that really go out of their way to give patients the best possible care. If they have any doubt about how to best proceed with a particular concern, they’re always able to tap in to the knowledge of somebody else in the team.


North Coast Medispa suggests people should have a complete skin assessment before identifying which treatments are suitable. How important is this in ensuring that each patient receives the right treatments for them?

With skin treatments becoming more potent and with more options available than ever before, we can’t stress enough how important it is to be assessed properly before undergoing treatment.

Incorrect diagnosis and therefore incorrect treatment can mean not just poor results but could also make conditions worse or even introduce new problems.

How important is it and at what age should we have regular skin check ups? Is it important to establish a relationship with a particular clinic and why?

It’s a good idea to have a check up at least annually, regardless of age, as your skin is constantly changing as you grow older and your skin care needs will change over time.

Skin treatments can often be quite intimate and require a fair amount of trust, so it really helps to build an ongoing relationship with a particular clinic. The majority of our patients have been with us for a long time, we know them and their skin well. Having a good relationship with our patients means that their time at our clinic can be an enjoyable, friendly experience rather than just a transactional procedure.

You have recently introduced Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) which is used to treat superficial skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin lesions. What else is it used for, and what is it about this treatment that is so exciting?

PDT is the best non-surgical treatment available for certain types of skin cancer. It’s also highly effective in the treatment of actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous sun spots), sun-damaged skin, psoriasis, viral warts and acne. It’s a versatile, effective treatment with lots of clinical data so we look forward to introducing more of our patients to it as a treatment option over time.

Autumn Special Offer

One of the North Coast Medispa treatment rooms

North Coast Medispa have an autumn special on at the moment – The Classic Skin Rejuvenation Treatment for sun damaged skin. For March only, all AHA peels are $69 (save $30) and if you pre-pay for three or more, you’ll receive a bonus LED phototherapy session or oxygen facial (valued at $75).

Their team will work with you to determine what type of peel is most suitable for your skin.

If you’d like to read more about North Coast Medispa check out the blogs below, or just give them a call on 1800 186 333 to arrange an appointment.

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