Today is World Skin Health Day and a social media campaign called “Understand” has been launched by The Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) to promote the diversity of skin diseases in Australia. Skin health is often undervalued in our sun-drenched society, and with up to one in three Australians suffering from some form of eczema in their lifetime and melanoma killing more Australians than any other cancer the ACD hope to highlight the importance for people to be aware.

The campaign also hopes to highlight the importance of patient support groups and the challenges often faced by those with skin diseases. In the ACD’s media release Dr Andrew Miller, President of the group says, “Promoting awareness on skin health and supporting patient support groups to network with each other are key objectives of the campaign. People sharing photos of what skin health means to them aims to foster understanding of the breadth of skin conditions and their effects on the wider community.”

It cannot be underestimated the importance of being able to openly communicate with others going through a similar journey. In today’s social media world where we can connect with others around the world at the touch of a finger on our phone, creating spaces where patients can empathise, understand, be understood, and chat with others can make all the difference. This can be especially true for those living in more remote areas, or those isolated from society because of their condition. In the media release Dr Victoria Mar, dermatologist from the Australia and New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group says: “Suffering from a serious skin condition including melanoma can be quite isolating. This campaign is a great way to use social media to bring patients together, understand their concerns and raise awareness of the impact of skin health.”

The ACD also hope the “Understand” campaign will bring patient and community perspective to their approach in managing skin conditions to ensure community needs surrounding these issues are met. They also hope to illustrate the invaluable work dermatologists do with those patients with skin conditions within the community.

For more information you can visit the ACD website.


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