Sonya Driver & Family

Sonya Driver & Family

I was introduced to Eco Tan a few years ago and wondered “WTF is an eco tan?” Well since then Sonya Driver has created a movement with her range of vegan, cruelty free, and toxic free products. What… hold on, VEGAN? A vegan tan? What does that mean? We don’t eat tanning products!! But, did you know that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream? Yes, scary thought isn’t it?

Eco Tan is the first and only tanning manufacturer to be certified organic by the Organic Food chain under the Australian government. It was developed by an awesome single mum named Sonya, who after her sister was diagnosed with a melanoma and had a huge chunk cut out of her arm, they became a lot more conscious about what they were putting in, and on, their bodies.

The Eco tanning range is made from flower essence, chamomile, chocolate, mmmmm chocolate, and completely natural and organic ingredients. That’s enough for me. Go back to chocolate…

I was lucky enough to get some of the Eco Tanning products from Sonya and in return I promised her I’d give her my honest feedback and if it was positive I’d get the word out. WORD OUT!!!

The first thing I loved straight away about the Eco Tan range is the packaging. It’s simple, easy to read, and easy to carry around (especially if you’re travelling).

Face Tan WaterFace Tan Water

This is the first product I’ve got to tell you about. I’m not the only one to love it… it was recently a Gold Winner for Most Innovative Beauty Product at the Cosmopolitan Pure Beauty Awards 2016. Easy, so so easy to apply, my skin just loves it. I feel better hydrated but it also evens out my skin tone and I feel as though I don’t even need to apply foundation over the top – unless I’m heading out or got a meeting with a client. It makes me feel as though I’ve had a perfect day in the sun and have that day after sun kissed look. Made from such luscious sounding ingredients such as aloe vera, orange peel and rose geranium, I’m so into the Face Tan Water that I’ve ordered a few to give to my friends for Christmas.

Personal Outdoor SprayPersonal Outdoor Spray

Living in Byron Bay I can tell you we get our fair share of mozzies, insects and a heap of creepy crawlies. I absolutely love love LOVE this product. We are all into insect repellants and this is a great chemical free eco personal spray that you can spray with confidence, knowing that you’re not putting any unknown chemicals onto your skin.

Beautiful Range of Products

Eco Tan have a huge range of beautiful products, not just tanning. Their coconut deodorant is just delicious and also a new staple part of my life (goodbye Mum!!); and the Coconut and Mint Body Wash is the most divine thing Coconut Mint Body WashI’ve ever used to wash my body and I’m sure I leave a trail of delicious scenty goodness behind me (my man loves it too, I’m sure if people saw the way he smells me when I get out of the shower they’d think we were weird).

Seriously though, I’m a new raving fan of the Eco Range and if there’s one new product you try this year, make sure it’s the Face Tan Water, or the Personal Outdoor Spray (but you’ll love everything else of theirs too). Their website is a beauty lovers dream. You’ll just love it!

If you want to order anything or check out the range, click here.


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