For any of you considering ear surgery or nose surgery you’ve got to read Yvonne’s story. Yvonne had always been insecure about her ears, and after suffering a trauma to her nose also wanted a rhinoplasty. She chose Dr William Mooney from Bondi Junction in Sydney and couldn’t be happier with her results.

My ears have always been an insecurity of mine. What I felt were protruding ears seriously affected my confidence from my teen years till my current age. I disliked the shape and appearance of my overall face due to my ears. I also chose to have a closed rhinoplasty because of a past trauma to my nose which created an obvious bump to the side of my nose. Following the trauma I found the bump was getting bigger as time went by.

Dr William Mooney

Dr William Mooney

Yvonne’s Consultation with Dr Mooney

Dr Mooney was the only surgeon I wanted to see for my procedure as I had heard and seen his amazing results and work ethic. He is an expert in this area an ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon. I knew that going to him I would gain a natural and complementary result. Word of mouth was really important to me and the driver for my decision making.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Dr Mooney and the nurse team fully briefed and advised me of the surgical experience so I had no surprises pre or post procedure. I had a closed rhinoplasty and otoplasty. Dr Mooney chose to perform a closed rhinoplasty because he believed he was a simple shave and I did not have any breathing or nasal concerns. My nose, as it was a closed rhinoplasty there were no incision or cuts to my nose and the surgical procedure was performed purely through my nostrils. It involved two internal incision in the nostrils where Dr Mooney “rasped” two bumps from the right side of my nose and on the right to create a more refined bridge.

The swelling on my nose took about 4 months to go down and I experienced no discomfort what so ever.

Otoplasty – Yvonne’s Ear Surgery

Dr Mooney had advised me there was an abnormal protrusion and I did not have a natural fold in my ear that most do. He advised that my ears would be a difficult case because the protrusion was clearly visible from the upper half of my ears only. Dr Mooney removed a segment of my ear to correct the protrusion and create a fold. Also using a special stitching technique he was able to lift and draw back the top half of my ear.

My ears were quite sensitive and swollen following the procedure. I had to wear a head garment for a 6 week period and during that time I regularly visited Dr Mooney’s practice to ensure they were clean and sterile. Keeping the area sterile is very important, the nurses were very thorough in showing me the cleaning and care process.

After approximately 6 months I found my ears gaining their normal sensations and felt truly like they were my own. I was advised by Dr Mooney and his team that the ears would take some time to heal and for the swelling to go down, and everything he said was true.

Minimal Recovery

I had two plastic surgery procedures – closed rhinoplasty (No scarring) & otoplasty (ear surgery). The recovery was very minimal and I experienced no hurdles. I wish I had done it sooner.

I believe Dr Mooney and his team did everything and more along the way, pre and post procedure. My recovery was seamless and I would do it again anytime with him and his team.

Yvonne’s advice for others having similar surgeries

It’s really important to listen to Dr Mooney and his team, they are knowledgeable and highly experienced. I don’t think my recovery and care would have been so smooth if I did not take their expert advice word for word.

The other thing is meal prep & throat lozenges!! The team told me meal prepping would be a good idea and they were right.I also had LED light therapy prior to and post my procedure. This really helped with my recovery process as I have sensitive skin and a high histamine response.

I feel really confident. I am extremely grateful to Dr Mooney and his team. I feel the outcome of the surgery changed my life, I no longer think about my nose and ears. I no longer have to consciously hide my ears behind my hair.

The ear surgery in particular was something that had bothered me for a long time but I hadn’t openly discussed it prior to meeting with Dr Mooney. When I spoke to my family they were initially surprised that I was having the procedure but once they saw Dr Mooney’s credentials they were excited for me and my transformation.

To arrange a consultation with Dr William Mooney phone 1300 060 593. To read more about Dr William Mooney check out the blogs below.

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