The Australasian College BroadwayOver two full days, the Australasian College Broadway will host students from Miss Paris, a Japanese beauty college, and offer a unique experience learning Australian culture and customs whilst participating in interactive beauty and make-up workshops within the College.

On Tuesday 4th October and Friday 7th October 2016, Miss Paris students will select a beauty or make-up experience. Beauty workshops will involve practical micro-dermabrasion, sonophoresis and skin needling treatments whilst Make-up will focus on creating a Day of the Dead ‘Sugar Skull’ design.

The study group will also have the opportunity to not only expand their English vocabulary, but experience many Australian customs and cultural knowledge, from tasting the humble lamington and enjoying a sausage sizzle, to experiencing a traditional Aboriginal welcome.

The Australasian College Broadway is a highly awarded and recognisable benchmark college in Australia for hairdressing, beauty therapy, make-up and IPL training. Founded in 1994 by Maureen Houssein-Mustafa OAM, the Australasian College Broadway resulted from the need for quality vocational training within the personal services industry. The College has assisted thousands of students for over two decades in gaining a range of qualifications from Certificate to Diploma level and beyond.

The Australasian College Broadway remains at the forefront of the personal services industry, including establishing a Higher Education branch of the College, the Australasian College of Health and Wellness, offering the Associate Degree in Applied Health Science (Dermal Therapy) and the Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics).

The Australasian College Broadway is dedicated to educating and training tomorrow’s leading industry professionals through the knowledge and expertise of the industry professionals of today.

For further information or to attend on the day, please contact Annette Williams on

The Australasian College Broadway
87 Bay St, Glebe, NSW 2037
02 8587 8888


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