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Finally an Australian website with absolutely everything you need to know to make the most informative decision about plastic and cosmetic surgery! I love this site and the fact that it’s not developed or owned by doctors but by real people who have experienced the benefits and understand everything that comes with having plastic and cosmetic surgery. Reading through the plastic surgery hub, for the first time I truly feel proud of my surgery and the decision to make myself better. Thank you, now I know where to go for answers.

Jo F.

As a woman reading the Hub, I think it’s spot on, not salacious and not patronizing, YAY!

Rachel S.

People work a lot by word of mouth, but in addition the internet is a great source of information. However you’ve got to realise that the internet is only as good as the people that put the information on there. I’ve seen remarkable mistakes made from believing the things that are read online. With the Plastic Surgery Hub, it’s being supported by plastic surgeons and the information provided there is much more reliable.
Watch the video testimonial here.

Dr Terrence Scamp

Hi Trish,
I thought it was high time I sent you an update on me! LOL.
Funny thing to say but I wouldn’t be here, doing what I am doing, if it wasn’t for your invaluable effort way back when.
So, I am now half way through my Introduction to Injectables course at Esteem on the Gold Coast and WOW!
I am totally impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail, in delivering this course.
I am also ****ing in information overload. I spend my days on high alert – attention, attention, attention. The learning package is comprehensive and after the day 1 theory, I have been injecting every day since. This is not for the “faint of heart” of those who fear baptism by fire.
I hope each day, you get a little inkling from the cosmos, that I am thanking you for introducing me to Raylene and all the great things and people Esteem could offer me.
I just wanted you to know that I’m doing OK – I’m pretty sure.
I am planning in my head, “What next” and hoping there will be somewhere out there that will want my skills.
Onward and upwards.

Caroline B

Thanks for sharing the info via a blog. This blog is going to be useful to the women who are up-to get their breast implant surgery. I have scheduled my breast implant surgery for the next week from Sarnia-based Cosmetic Breast Surgeon – Dr. Marcus Niessen. This segment has guide me a lot. Keep the great work on. Well done.


Thank you for sharing this information on belly button surgery. I have a few friends who feel very unhappy with their belly buttons and I’m sure they would like to know there is a surgery out there for them!


Wow that’s a great result. Thanks for sharing plastic stories like this Plastic Surgery Hub. It inspires us and eliminates the fear of undergoing the knife.


What a fabulous article! I’ve flown from interstate to see Dr Moore & would never use another surgeon!


Thank you for these information! I am looking forward to having a mini face lift as I am not ready yet for a full face lift!


Really informative blog about cosmetic surgery for aging people. Thank you so much for sharing.


There is so much information I learned here about blepharoplasty and ptosis. Good read!


So interesting how times change and our desires change with those times. Great article, thanks for keeping us informed.


Having cosmetic surgery is such a big decision on so many levels. I would definitely be interested to talk to Dr Merten about any procedures I would be thinking about. He does seem quite down to earth and approachable. Great article!


Great article! I really admire the comment on operating on minors, very interesting


Hi Trish,
Thank you for your wonderful work as always! I was sitting next to you at one session but didn’t realise it was you. I think it was the Men’s rejuvenation sessions. It truly was a wonderful conference wasn’t it.
Anyway I just wanted to say, thanks so much for all you do for our industry.
Warmest Regards,
Anita East MSN, MA, BSc
Endorsed Nurse Practitioner


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