There are many and varied reasons to consider breast enhancement surgery; from reconstructive purposes to enlargement of the breasts. Breast reconstruction generally occurs after a patient has undergone a mastectomy, while breast enlargement typically allows a patient to feel more comfortable with her body. Patients have a choice of implants between saline and silicone. ‘New’ implants come onto the market regularly too.

Who is Getting Breast Enhancement Surgery? And why?

Even though there are no official numbers regarding how many breast enhancement surgeries are performed each year, the number sits around 16,000 and growing, according to the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS). Breast enhancement surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery performed, with both women and teenagers undergoing the procedure after a mastectomy for reconstruction purposes, to replace already existing implants, or to augment their breast size. Even a breast reduction and breast lift is breast enhancement.

The majority of women who consider, and eventually receive breast enhancement surgery feel more feminine and comfortable in their own skin and clothing- and really, that’s why we’re doing it!. There is no specific age, but I personally know a girl who had a breast reduction at 14 years of age, and women in their 80’s having had breast procedures. There are so many reasons for having this type of surgery, including boobs are too big, too small, changes in breasts after having babies and breastfeeding, trauma – the list is long.

A Positive Experience Is What We Want

Most women who have had breast enhancement surgery are very satisfied and happy with the outcome. The majority have said they feel much more confident and comfortable in their own bodies and now feel they are able to wear clothes that they couldn’t before. The women believed it greatly improved their lives because they felt the freedom of finally being able to express who they truly are and feel great while doing it. I’m one of these women – I had a breast reduction surgery in 2011 and seriously, it’s changed my life! So so happy.

For those women who have had the surgery for reconstruction reasons or age ‘defiance’ (LOL!), they say the surgery helped them regain their sense of femininity. It can help women felt ‘whole’ again – that’s what my auntie said after her 2nd mastectomy and augment.

Surgery Safety

It has long been thought that any kind of plastic surgery, especially breast enhancement is not a safe procedure. But really, approved implants are considered safe by the TGA, and there are both saline and silicone approved implants.

Breast enhancement surgery can definitely give a woman her sense of well-being and femininity back after a traumatic mastectomy, or help to give her a boost in the self-confidence department. I loved my surgery.

As always, choose your surgeon wisely, make sure they have answered all your questions, and make sure they are qualified in performing surgery. Of course, if in doubt, send us an email to



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