There are just some conferences that I go to that blow me away. The Breast Masters Symposium held at the Hilton in Sydney last weekend (18 – 20 October) was absolutely jam packed with presentations, discussions and interviews with some of Australia’s most experienced and skilled plastic surgeons and industry peeps. I was running from the moment I arrived until the time I collapsed onto the plane on the way home, and I managed to get some amazing podcasts with some awesome surgeons talking about some insightful and current topics.

So many highlights!

Dr Michael Miroshnik was one of the speakers

The feeling of unity and care for patient outcomes, safety and aftercare was a common thread throughout the symposium. At the same time it was interesting that whilst the goals and objectives are the same, the way those outcomes are achieved can differ with each surgeon. Everyone having their own opinions on particular topics, especially when it comes to social media and what is right or wrong (blog to follow on that one….)! I particularly loved the fact that not only the older experienced surgeons such as Associate Professor Dr Per Heden have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with their colleagues, whilst the younger perhaps less years of experience but innovative in wanting to achieve what their patients want – surgeons such as Dr Michael Miroshnik sharing techniques he has mastered to get the aesthetic outcome patients demand these days. The breast implant techniques of 20, 10, even 5 years ago are so very different from today. No longer is it ok to just “slip in an implant” as it was so many years ago. These days it’s a science and an absolute art in getting the outcomes that today’s well-informed patient expects and demands.

Associate Professor Per Heden was a popular speaker

During the presentations – every aspect of breast surgery was discussed, from augmentation and reduction, implants and the different types and shapes available, different techniques for different patients, plastic surgery and body image and SO MUCH MORE! I got heaps of valuable insights as well as being able to catch up and chat with some of the presenters and attendees to get as much info as possible to bring back to you all.

Most sessions were packed

The social sessions were an invaluable chance to catch up with some of our favourite surgeons and clinics to see what they’ve been up to, and I was reminded about how passionate and dedicated our surgeons are to their craft. I hope you enjoy the pictures from the event, and also my blogs, podcasts and videos that I’ll be posting. To start us off here’s a podcast I did with Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Perth. Dr Briggs and I sat together during one of the sessions and we both absolutely loved it and wanted to continue the discussion. Definitely one to listen to for anyone thinking about or having breast surgery.

Thanks to the organisers of Breast Masters 2018 , ASAPS and The Production House Events – you guys absolutely rock and you nailed it once again!


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