One month before surgery, I made a promise to myself that I would walk to the Byron Bay lighthouse. The magnificent journey takes you along a rugged east coast headland. On the way you are blessed with stunning ocean views, sheltered by rainforest and presented by a glimmering horizon. You are almost assured to see dolphins and if you are lucky you may even see whales.

In my sixth week post-surgery, on the celebration my first Son’s birthday, I gave myself the time to celebrate me, as a Mother. Early on the clear crisp morning, I set out to walk along the glorious path which holds many splendid resting areas including Australia’s most easterly point. I held no expectations but a gentle whisper left me with a knowing that I would make it to the top!

As I journeyed off, I felt a sense which I am continuing to cultivate. A feeling of oneness, that no matter what choices I have made or will make in life, all in this glorious world is encouraging every one of us to grow, heal and enjoy. With this realisation in mind I felt like running, so off I went!

The track from my house to the top of the light house and back is almost 10 kilometres. In no way did I expect in my sixth week after abdominoplasty would I be able to run this path, but I did.

Along the way I spotted a pod of dolphins. The clear blue sky was flawless and the water, crystal clear. To my admiration the dolphins seemed to swim along with me. When I reached the top I looked out to the water once again. I felt such a unity to the beauty of life as the dolphins lovingly departed. The moment clearly reflecting my true inner being of giving and receiving with no attachment. Just as the seas rise and fall. I embraced the moment and then I let it go.

I turned to see that I did in fact reach the lighthouse for the very first time, just six weeks after surgery. At this point I was almost overwhelmed by love and the proven ability of our being if only we tap into or magnificent.

I give thanks to the knowledge I have acquired through all the books and people I have come across and the undeniable universal messages which come to all of us in many forms. Since I have learnt to be open to this information, I feel like I can do anything, like the whole world is with me.

I didn’t change overnight or automatically. As with all of life there is a process. Just as a butterfly starts out as a caterpillar, then goes through a process of inwardly solitude, followed by the immense struggle of coming out of its cocoon, finally emerging as one of life’s most magical symbols, the delicate splendid butterfly. I too went through such a process many times but as I gradually accept and understand the way of nature, I become more at ease with the course of life. Each time it is less harsh and each time, I feel I am reborn with even larger wings to fly.

Thirteen years ago I began to clear my body of toxins by eating healthy. I stopped drinking and smoking. I then began to exercise, firstly with a simple afternoon walk. Once I felt the benefits of exercise I joined a gym then become a fitness instructor. Exercise is now a large part of my life, when once upon a time it was non-existent.

When I began eating healthy I noticed that I was not so clouded in my thoughts. Wonderful things began to happen since my body was not so full of rubbish. I now had space in my mind as the clouds had receded. New ideas, beliefs and concepts were emerging as was the right person, the right book or the perfect piece of information at the right time.

Since I began my journey into cultivating a healthy mind, body and spirit and I can say all of my dreams have come true. I am a wife, mother, writer, health and wellbeing teacher and forever a student of the universe. I love where I live, I love who I am, I love my family and thanks to a medical process which gave me a healthy looking body to match my new way of life, I also love how I look.


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As a mother of three boys, wife and fitness instructor Jessica Fryer well understands the challenge of keeping a balanced life. “I was eighteen when I first went in search for a larger understanding of existence. “I came from a very unhealthy family. I was unhappy, over weight and sick. It was Louise L Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, which sparked a profound desire to first help myself to overcome these issues and then help others to do the same”. Jessica went on to research the mind body, spirit connection evaluating hundreds of scientific concepts, religions, phycology and counselling philosophies as well as physical and nutritional theories. “ I came to understand that our ultimate goal to be happy only derives from a healthy mind, body and spirit and through achieving our desires, which can be very different for everyone”. After many years of shaping herself and her future Jessica has developed a holistic approach to health and fitness which takes into account all levels of the self as well as the times we currently live in. She pulls from her life experiences and applied knowledge of expertise which donates a powerful leader. Jessica now lives in the renowned beauty of Byron Bay, Australia and promotes her gentle yet effective approach in guiding people to live, think and be healthy whilst achieving their true innate desires.

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