Eventually, every celebrity has to address the issue of cosmetic procedures. When it comes to how they handle this tricky subject, stars generally fall into 4 categories:

The Open Book

Everyone knows that Joan Rivers is the ultimate open book when it comes to plastic surgery. It would be hard for her to be discreet considering all the (very visible) work she’s had done. But increasingly celebrities have been forthcoming about their surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. For example, singer Kelly Rowland and actress Kaley Cuoco were both happy and proud to sing the praises of their breast augmentation surgeries. Singer Toni Braxton was very candid about her multiple plastic surgery procedures in her new memoir, Unbreak My Heart. In fact, she even discusses additional procedures she wishes she’d had or may have in the future. These stars are commended for their bravery and candor, but also often receive criticism from Haters (see below).

The Minimizer

This is a relatively new phenomenon, the celebrity who admits to cosmetic procedures…kind of. Actress Jane Seymour admitted to a “minor eye lift,” and breast augmentation, but claimed her breast implants were so small her surgeon had to special order them. Actress Robin Wright recently admitted to having a “sprinkling” of Anti-wrinkle injections, and only twice a year. Lots of others, like Britney Spears, have admitted to lip fillers and other “fun stuff.” And a whole slew of celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow claim to have “tried” Anti-wrinkle injections, but imply that they are no longer users. It seems like these people want the praise that comes with being open and honest about cosmetic procedures, and superiority of being a “natural beauty.”

The Hater

This is the star who denounces plastic surgery altogether, and makes a big fuss about how opposed they are to the concept. British actresses Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz, and Kate Winslet are so anti-plastic surgery that they’ve formed the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League. Julia Roberts and Salma Hayek have both claimed they’ll never go under the knife, and Drew Barrymore said she’d rather look like a basset hound than get Anti-wrinkle injections. Let’s see what she has to say when she hits her 40s.

The Tight-lipped

These are the stars who, despite visible evidence to the contrary, insist they haven’t had surgery. Model Christie Brinkley and her daughter Alexis Joel have both been the subject of much speculation when it comes to plastic surgery. The 60-year-old Brinkley claims to be au naturel, and Joel admits only to a nose job. Rumors are constantly swirling about Kim Kardashian’s alleged cosmetic surgery exploits, claiming she’s had everything from butt implants to toe liposuction, but the celebutante claims her looks came naturally. Despite photos that indicate a dramatic facial transformation, Angelina Jolie denies she’s had work done. Since they’re not telling and their surgeons are bound to secrecy, we’ll just have to keep guessing.

Which One Are You?

Everyone has his or her own ideas about plastic surgery, whether they’d choose to have cosmetic procedures, and if they’d discuss their decision openly. To accommodate a patient’s right to keep surgery entirely hush-hush, surgery centers across the country have added discreet back entrances and exits like the surgeons-to-the-stars use. According to the Center for Cosmetic Surgery’s website, patients who undergo procedures such as breast augmentation at their Denver facility wait in a private lounge, and leave via a private exit.

For those who want to shout it from the rooftops, there are plenty of blogs, such as Plastic Surgery Hub, that give patients a forum for sharing their stories and even photos.

The important thing to remember is, whether you’re the Tight-lipped sort or an Open Book, how you choose to discuss (or not discuss) your cosmetic choices is entirely up to you.


Mike is a freelance blogger who writes about topics related to weight loss, health and wellbeing. He is also a proud father of twins and enjoys swimming and surfing is his spare time.

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