There are many reasons why people undergo plastic surgery. Whatever it is, the procedure can be emotionally and physically demanding. Stress management is extremely crucial when preparing for a surgical procedure. It not just helps you achieve the best results, but also allow you to recover faster and have a more positive overall experience.

Avenue Plastic Surgery in Victoria are acutely aware of the emotional side of the plastic surgery journey and do everything to ensure your peace of mind. We talk to them about how they help their patients through the whole process, from beginning to end.

Being Confident with Your Surgeon

Undergoing plastic surgery can leave a person feeling overwhelmed. One of the most important things you can do is to feel comfortable with your surgeon. Dr Allan Kalus at Avenue Plastic Surgery has over two decades of experience with plastic surgery procedures, and employs a highly-qualified team that are renowned for going the extra mile for their patients, from the initial consultation to the full recovery. He is passionate about ensuring patients are informed and comfortable, every step of the way.

The option of recovering in your own home after plastic surgery

Dr Allan Kalus overseeing the improvements on Windsor Private Hospital

Dr Allan Kalus overseeing the improvements on Windsor Private Hospital

One of the main points of difference between Dr Kalus and other plastic surgeons is that he offers his patients a fully-accredited Private Hospital and Day Surgery Centre. Dr Kalus was one of the first surgeons in the country to do so, and their innovative techniques allow their patients the luxury of recovering in their own home. Dr Kalus says that not only does it offer patients a huge cost saving by not having to pay hospital fees but being surrounded by creature comforts during such a huge and often daunting time in your life can make all the difference. Dr Kalus uses the most advanced anaesthetic and surgical techniques to ensure the fastest recovery possible. A faster recovery lessens your chances of complications and means you can be back to living your life with less pain and less stress.

It should be noted that Dr Kalus’ Windsor Private Hospital is recognised as having developed many techniques that are now used in other hospitals and has just opened a second state-of-the-art theatre. Their nursing staff are extremely proficient and are an integral part in helping patients return to their own home on the same day as surgery. Having said that, you are in the best hands possible if you require a longer stay.

Dr Kalus adds, “As a plastic surgeon, I know that undergoing plastic surgery can be emotionally demanding. This is because plastic surgery is as much about uplifting the spirit as changing the body. Together with our experienced surgeons and staff, our priority is to provide you with safety and peace of mind. We will always aim to produce a natural result and work closely with our anaesthetists to ensure that you have minimal downtime. Having our own Day Surgery Hospital (with overnight stay facilities when required) ensures that we can control the quality of your surgery and aftercare, ensure the lowest risk of complications and plan for the fastest recovery.”

Revolutionary Approach to Patient Care

Dr Kalus and his surgical team are pioneers in aesthetic and plastic surgery. They specialise in minimally invasive surgery so as to minimise scarring and greatly reduce the risk of excessive bleeding and bruising. They use technically precise surgical techniques with a revolutionary approach that allows patients who undergo most plastic surgery procedures to return home on the same day. Not only this, Dr Kalus is one of the plastic surgeons leading the way when it comes to breast fat transfer in Australia.

Minimising stress by being prepared

Dr Kalus says there are several things which can help to manage your stress when you are undergoing a plastic surgery procedure:

  • Ensure you are confident and comfortable with your surgeon. If you’re not, you may possibly have the wrong one.
  • Know what you are in for – research and ask your surgeon exactly what to expect for the procedure you are having. Being aware of what’s happening every step of the way will eliminate the fear of the unknown.
  • Be prepared – if you are going to recover in your own home make sure you are ready. Have you got your support team in place? Have you prepared some meals for the first few days so all you have to do is pop them in the microwave or ask your support person to do that for you? Books and electronics charged and by the bed; etc.
  • Make sure you’ve organised enough time off work to recover from the particular procedure you are having. The stress of knowing you have less time than what you need for recovery can often only delay recovery!

Dr Kalus and his team believe that preparation and post-procedure support can go a long way to minimising stress throughout the procedure. We completely agree, and also want to point out that having your surgery with a surgeon as experienced as Dr Kalus has got to go a long way to having a plastic surgery journey with less stress, better results and happy days!

If you’d like more info on Dr Kalus and the Avenue Plastic Surgery team give them a call on 03 9521 1777.


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