Corrective Breast Surgery

From time to time as surgeons we perform corrective breast surgery using breast implants. This could be for our own patients or patients that have had surgery performed elsewhere. As surgeons we have to apply certain techniques in order to get the best results.

In this first case a patient came to us who had breast augmentation surgery elsewhere and now finds that her implants are too small. The breasts were different in height and projections and there was also lumpiness which meant that the tissues had been released unevenly on both sides when the implant was placed. This in turn produced a deflated asymmetrical look.

Corrective Breast Surgery

We took the patient to theatre for correction and increased the size of her implants to 300cc High Profile. The inframammary crease was over released in her first surgery and the implants were sitting quite low on her chest. This was corrected by plicating or folding a tuck in the capsule around the implant and not cutting the capsule out completely. We have also plicated the left side medially. In doing this we have managed to even the breasts and provide the patient with the desired projection. The nipple’s placement is also now is at the middle of the implant, rather than above the implant and the inframammary crease is more even and symmetrical.

This photograph was taken around 6 weeks post-operatively and should remain stable for a long period of time.

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