As a Nurse Practitioner of cosmetic injectables and aesthetic medicine, Anita East, BSc, MA, MSN, has now performed more than 18,000 treatments on people worldwide. Anita is a resident writer for The Cosmetic Surgery Magazine and is often called upon to present at meetings on Cosmetic Medicine.

Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner

Anita East

On originally developing a foundation in cardiac medicine, Anita decided to move to the UK and follow her dream of performing and the arts. Alongside furthering her career in cardiac medicine and dermatology, she studied singing with English National Opera and completed a Master of Arts in Acting at Central School of Speech and Drama. Anita worked as a TV Presenter for Sky Sports, the BBC and UK breakfast television, did a stint on The Bill, performed in various TV commercials, some off West End theatre and a few films.

It was on a filmset 15 years ago that saw Anita in the hair and makeup department overhearing a tense conversation between the director and makeup artist. The lead actress had turned up on the first day of the film shoot with grossly overfilled lips and a completely frozen and expressionless face. Anita vowed on that day to make it better. To somehow make cosmetic injectables look natural rather than scary and overdone. She set out on her mission as soon as the film shoot wrapped 6 weeks later.

Anita returned to Australia in 2009 and alongside running her cosmetic medicine clinic, did acting stints on Neighbours, Offspring, Rush and various other home-grown Aussie dramas. She continued TV presenting, acted in films and live theatre shows, voiced radio commercials and had her face plastered over bottles of Softly Wool Wash.

Since 2011 Anita has dedicated her time to helping women throughout the world feel better about themselves either in her clinic or through her writing.

In her spare time Anita spends time with her spunky husband and two amazing daughters.

To arrange a consultation or learn more about Anita East you can visit her website.

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