‘I’ve had a little cosmetic surgery done’, when we hear these words nowadays the usual response has changed. When people first started having cosmetic procedures they rarely admitted to it. Instead opting to pretend their nose had ‘always been that shape’ or that their ‘thighs have always been that thin’. The response now tends to be along the lines of ‘Great work, who was your surgeon’.

This is mainly because of celebrities. We’ve all read the newspaper articles; Victoria Beckham denying her boob job, Jennifer Aniston claiming she’s not had a nose job. When the celebs don’t admit to cosmetic procedures it makes us, the general public, think that maybe it’s something we should all deny.

This attitude is slowly beginning to change. After all, what’s wrong with improving your image? Absolutely nothing! Women are now giving more respect to the celebs that admit to having cosmetic procedures. After all, we’re not stupid; we know when a celebrity face has been cosmetically enhanced.

There has always been an obsession with wanting to know which celebrities had what cosmetic procedure. The one’s that come right out and admit it are the ones we respect more. Tori Spelling says ‘I’ll admit to my nose job because that’s the only thing I’ve had done. I lost my baby weight myself’ and Wayne Rooney tweeted about his hair transplant straight away.

Admitting to cosmetic surgery is becoming more common because of the rise in popularity of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Clinics are now able to perform non-surgical nose jobs – a procedure where fillers are injected into the nose to straighten out a bump. You can be in and out of clinics nowadays in the space of a few hours. With everyone’s workloads increasing this is ideal for the busy men and women of the world.

What hasn’t changed over the years is peoples’ quest for youth. We are a lot more open in todays’ society about the things we do to hold on to our youthful appearance. Drink more water, buy the fancy anti-aging creams, have a little Anti-wrinkle injections or skin filler. Nobody even bats an eyelid when they find out a friend or colleague has had Anti-wrinkle injections. It’s part of modern day living. This is a giant leap for womankind who are used to slandering other women for enhancing their natural beauty. Now we admire and compliment. After all, it’s human nature to want to look better and now it’s so accessible that why wouldn’t you erased your frown lines or replenish your skin.

Cosmetic procedures, when done correctly, can change a persons’ life. If you’ve ever felt down about your appearance or are beginning to detest what you see when you look in the mirror then a cosmetic procedure could be for you. With people becoming more open to others having surgery and the negative connotations depleting daily it’s making both women and men consider improving their flaws.

Once you’ve found the correct cosmetic clinic for you your surgeon will talk you through your procedure making you feel comfortable with your decided to improve your appearance. Then, depending upon your chosen treatment, you could have the face and body you’ve dreamed of within hours or days.

Angelo Bandiziol

The article was written by Angelo Bandiziol who is the Managing Director of Canova Medical. He has vast amounts of experience in cosmetic surgery. You can connect with him via Google+ or follow him on Twitter.

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