Trish: So we are here today with George from Dermocosmetica, he’s the Managing Director, and we are talking about a couple of new products that are now on the market. The first one is the Retriderm. Can you tell us a little bit about it, George?

George: Sure. Retriderm is one of the hot topicals that just been released. It’s a vitamin A. It’s a pure form of retinol actually in a patented formula which makes it a lot more bioavailable and a lot more effective than your typical retinol products on the market. It’s beauty is that it’s a lot more pleasant on the skin and has a lot less reactions than other types of vitamin A. So compliance and acceptability is great.

Trish: So the bioavailability makes it more readily available for the skin.

George: Yeah, absolutely. It penetrates better. Being an aqueous suspension as opposed to liquid soluble suspension. It’s a little bit deeper into the skin. And it’s converted a lot more lot efficiently to retinoic acid, so, it gets there thick quicker and it’s just lovely on the skin. You’ve really got to try it. It’s a lovely serum.

Trish: Great. And you can only buy it through a practitioner, it’s not available in the shops?

George: No. All our products are actually sold through clinics, medical clinics, plastic surgeons’, dermatologists’, cosmetic physicians’…

Trish: Ok, alright. And the other product I want to talk to you about, it’s a really exciting one that I love, its called the DNA Repair. Can you tell us about that?

George: The DNA Repair, Wow, it’s once again our other hot topical. It’s really the smart cream I call it, because it gets to the cellular level and actually repairs damaged cells – internally your DNA in your cells, by taking the bad bits out and repairing them and releasing new cells that actually are good, normal. It comes in 2 different presentations: An anti-oxidant serum for the day, and a beautiful anti-glycation cream. So basically, this range is the next level of treating photodamage – melasma. It’s like your spell check when you’re printing something. You press spell check, it repairs all the incorrect mistakes, all that sort of stuff and it produces a nice clean document.

Trish: It’s like an eraser for the skin.

George: Exactly.

Trish: Right. Have we got one?

George: It comes in two presentations. One which is the anti oxidant serum, beautiful bottle, and also an anti-glycation cream.

Trish: And what’s good about this one here is that it is really easy to use. There is no infection or bacteria being spread, because you just press it once, it will release the measured quantity of cream and the application amount and you have no waste as well. Great, well thanks George. Anything else about that one there?

George: No, no. You’ve got to try it.

Trish: So if you’re after any of these products if you could just drop us an email at and we’ll let you know who supplies them, otherwise just click on the find a clinic button at the bottom of this article and we’ll let you know.
Thanks George.


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