Good morning everyone. I survived my first night, slept intermittently amongst the beeping IV drip, the blood pressure machine and leg compression machine going off every few seconds. Pain wise I’m ok if I don’t move at all, so getting out of bed to use the bathroom warrants strong pain meds (endone) prior as it’s unbearable pain once on my feet.

Was taken down to theatre around 11am yesterday awoke in recovery around 3pm, was told everything went well apart from my blood pressure dropping to 82/48 so that’s being monitored regularly as keeps going up to normal range then back down again. Plus my sugar levels are like 2.5 this morning so enjoying a glass of orange juice and biscuits at 5.30am. Am yet to speak with surgeon as to find out how much the excess skin around my abdomen actually weighed but will after, sadly he would not record the procedure or take a photo of said removed skin to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

Can’t sleep on my side, only my back which is driving me crazy, am wearing a binder compression garment and have two drains in, one on each side. Nurses tell me I’m a model patient and my body is doing great thus far healing itself. Have no desire as this stage to see what’s underneath compression garment just yet as pain is not great. I’m coming days I’m sure I will get a sneak peak of my newer, flatter stomach. Got a long road ahead of me recovery wise but I’m tough I’ll get there. Thanks to everyone that rang me, text me, sent Facebook messages of love and support yesterday I really appreciated it, I really do have some amazing people in my life, for this I will always be grateful for. And a big thank you to my mother in law for having my son for us and bringing him in to visit me last night, look forward to my husband and son both coming back this morning to see me (my husband had better remember my maccas coffee) I have been told that probably will be going home Sunday/Monday if all goes well, then 4 weeks of recovery at home with my husband and children looking after me.

After losing roughly 70kgs after gastric sleeve surgery in June 2016, I truly didn’t think this would ever happened, so to say I’m overwhelmed is putting it mildly, still in a bit of shock to really, and a fair bit of “oh my, what have you gone and done to yourself”. Having a tummy tuck is not for the faint hearted I tell ya, but no gain without pain huh.

Cheers again everyone XX


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