Dr Allan Kalus

Dr Allan Kalus

Dr Allan Kalus from Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melbourne has a great trick. He says to hold a mirror down near your belly and look down into it. This will give you a glimpse of what you might be looking forward to in the future! However, there is hope! He then tells us to hold the mirror up high and look into it. This, thank goodness, is what is achievable through a well performed facelift! Book me in lol!

Fat is good! Wait… What?

In all seriousness though, ageing in the face is caused by reduced skin elasticity and stretching of the face muscles. We lose facial fat as we age which leads to thinning of the lips and hollowing of the cheek grooves. This is where Dr Kalus and his expertise of fat transfer comes in so handy. Replacing the lost fat along with tightening of the skin can do wonders for reversing the ageing process, so long as it is done in a way to ensure a natural looking result. We’ve all seen the “windblown” facelift effect which is scary to most of us and is what turns many of us off the idea of a facelift. Dr Kalus says, “If there has been some loss of facial fat with thinning of the lips and prominent cheek grooves then transferring some fat into these areas greatly improves the result. There have been great improvements in the technique of fat transfer over recent years and I much prefer the use of your own fat to artificial substances such as dermal fillers. The fat is taken from the abdomen, thigh or buttock, prepared by centrifugation and then injected with a special blunt cannula so as to cause minimal trauma. The fat becomes incorporated into the tissues and restores the fullness which has been lost due to the ageing process.”

Surgery in the Morning, Home by the Afternoon

Whilst not all surgeons perform facelifts as a day surgery, Dr Kalus says they find it suits the majority of their patients. Having done facial rejuvenation surgery as a day procedure for the last 20 years, with hundreds of procedures performed each year, Dr Kalus and his team have the process fine-tuned.

He tells us why their method is so successful, “A number of steps are taken during the surgery to prevent post-operative complications. In this way bruising and swelling are minimised and the recovery period is shortened. A special dressing including a firm bandage is placed around the face as a further measure to reduce bruising and swelling. You will be given antibiotics before and after the operation in order to prevent post-operative infection. A long acting local anaesthetic is injected into the facial skin during the surgery so that when you wake up you will feel no pain. A light pressure dressing is usually applied to the eyelids following the surgery, again to minimise bruising and swelling and this is removed about an hour after you wake up. At this stage an ice pack is applied to the eyelids to reduce the swelling .Once you are able to eat or drink, usually after one or two hours, you will be given tablets to reduce inflammation and to prevent discomfort. High blood pressure is a common cause of post-operative swelling and bruising and if there is any sign of your blood pressure being high after the anaesthetic then you will be given special medication to keep the blood pressure normal over the next few days. Once you arrive home we suggest that you go to bed and get a good night’s rest. Taking Panadol or Panadeine every 4 hours is good insurance against discomfort the following morning.”

Recovering in the comforts of your own home has many bonuses (not to mention more cost-effective), however to make sure things are travelling along as they should be, Dr Kalus says you will need to return to their clinic the following morning for your first post-operative dressing and to check in with how you are feeling and how everything is going.

Of course, Dr Kalus reiterates that overnight stays are available if you prefer, or if it is recommended in your particular situation.

Holding My Mirror Up High

Talking to Dr Kalus, he has a way of making me feel as though a facelift might not be such a big deal when the time comes after all. Whilst I’m not quite ready yet, the techniques and methods our Australian surgeons have are some of the best in the world and I feel comforted knowing that when I start looking at myself in the mirror by only ever looking upwards and holding the mirror up high, I will have options!

For early signs of ageing often what you find is a little sagging of the jowls, thinning of the lips and some forehead wrinkles. It is understandable at this stage surgery, although effective, is not really your agenda. This is where non-surgical can help. A combination of a Silhouette Soft Threadlift to lift the jowls, some filler in the lips and some Anti-Wrinkle Injections in the forehead can take 10 years off your face. Dr Kalus is now offering the Silhouette Soft Threadlift as a more affordable and potential option for early signs of ageing.

To read more about Dr Kalus or find out how to book in for a consultation click here or phone 03 9521 1777.


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