Recently we were lucky enough to discover the Medical Skin Clinic in Torquay Victoria. As always, we love sharing and catching up with the strong and fabulous women we meet at the Hub. One of these is Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker from Medical Skin Clinic. Here Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker tells us what it’s like to help others feel confident again.

The desire to make people feel listened to, welcomed, wonderful and confident in themselves is a desire deep inside of me. I want everyone to be healthy, love themselves and enjoy every minute of their life. Along with this I have always been fascinated by the skin, the body & surgical procedures. This passion led me to initially train in plastic surgery. However, during this time, I discovered I wanted to be able to offer a more holistic treatment to clients in a way in which I could help all variables involved in their skin concerns e.g. hormones, internal and external factors.

So I diverted my training to qualify as a GP with the aim to specialise in non surgical cosmetic procedures and skin cancer medicine and surgery. This way I felt I could stay true to my desires and provide clients with a total body approach to reach their skin and confidence potential.

To extend my knowledge in skin cancer I moved from the UK to Australia and attained further qualifications with the University of Queensland. In 2013 I opened Medical Skin Clinic Australia (MSCA) as a one-stop skin clinic with the aim to treat any medical, cosmetic or laser skin concerns in a holistic manner with advanced medically research procedures clients could trust and feel safe about.

Medical Skin ClinicI love my beautiful clinic and my amazing team which prides itself in being a luxurious environment where London meets Australia in the surfing capital of the country. My team are all kind caring supportive people, highly skilled with passion and extensive training that I ensure is constantly updated in order to always offer the most innovative treatments that we customised to my clients concerns.

All my clients are listened to and educated to ensure results are understood and guaranteed. The business strives to be the best in its area by listening and understanding its clients and constantly searching and researching new procedures, treatments and methods in order to offer my clients the latest technologies in the most streamlined way. A clinic where clients will trust us with their skin forever as we help them reach their potential.

I love to live a healthy balanced life and my hobbies are to have fun and to keep healthy. I have always been obsessed with sport and have played a lot during my years to a high standard. My current passion is training as a bodybuilder – going to the gym daily and eating well to support muscle and hormonal function and antiaging. I enjoy this as it gives me my own time when I do not have to commit to anything or anyone and can let out some steam! I also practice Pilates and yoga along with meditation. I love to go to the movies and read a book. I could also live my life purely skiing, but enjoy water sports and just a beautiful walk or good food with friends, family and furry friends. I could probably also count my chocolate eating as a hobby!!

I want to make people feel their best, feel confident and wonderful and I want to do this as an individualised approach. I ironically am not a big believer in a lot of medicine so wish to approach things in a holistic way.

My sister was brain damaged at birth causing her to be disabled and have a lot of medical problems. I then grew up in hospitals with her continually being unwell. This definitely influenced my desire to do medicine. I watched my mother constantly being frustrated at the lack of communication and understanding from Doctors and this was something I never wanted anyone else to experience. I wanted to grow up and be a Doctor where all my patients felt comfortable talking to me, that I listened to their concerns and helped them understand their condition and options. I think this was blended with a natural excitement by trauma and surgical procedures with me spending my youth fixated by hospital TV documentaries and searching sports injuries!

My biggest career milestone to date has been opening up my own clinic. This was a massive move that I did not appreciate until I was knee deep into it. I had to learn so many new skills along with maintaining and developing my own medical skills. It has been extremely hard but also extremely rewarding and I now have a clinic and team I am so proud of.

I perform many different cosmetic surgery procedures, and I love all of them. All of them have a different role but I mainly enjoy satisfying the client. I go through phases of my favourite. I must admit my current is Silhouette Soft Thread Lift. I enjoy it as it requires skill, but it is a simple procedure for the client and has some amazing results that even I am often wowed by.

I love making the patient happy and feel good about themselves and I love seeing instant results. I enjoy discussing clients concerns and agreeing a plan that they understand and are excited about. I love it when their eyes light up at the thought of improving the problem that upsets them that they may have felt was impossible. Each procedure is tailored to the client and when I can make a client feel happier and more confident and they walk out with a smile and bounce in their step or I see them a few weeks later glowing in proudness, that is when I feel rewarded.

I feel it is my job to listen to concerns and teach clients what is available. It has taken me many years to understand all the procedures so I do not expect my clients to understand them all too. My main advice is to have the procedure done in a well established clinic that is run under high medical standards, has a Doctor on hand the majority of the time and provides good support and aftercare. I worry when clients see practitioners that only visit a non medical clinic a few times a month – where is the support if something goes wrong?

We always provide support after any procedure we perform. This I find is essential and ultimately the most important period as aids in perfecting the end results both visually and in regards to client satisfaction.”

If you’d like more information on Caroline’s Medical Skin Clinic Australia click here, or phone 03 5261 6171.


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