My friends and I headed to the Form & Function Clinic in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago for a couple of treatments and we were excited to speak to their team about a revolutionary new treatment for excessive sweating called miraDry. One of my friends underwent the treatment and she was very obliging to answer some of my questions.

PSH: What motivated/prompted you to have the miraDry treatment?

miraDryI was recommended the treatment by my mother after years of considering Anti-Wrinkle Injections injections for excessive sweating. I have spent years doubling my deodorant, layering a roll on and a spray in men’s versions to try weaken the wetness in my armpits.

PSH: Can you tell us what was involved in your experience and give us a bit of a step by step of your part in the process?

I was contacted prior to the treatment both via post and on the phone to help prepare me for what to expect and what I needed to do prior to the treatment. I was advised to not wear deodorant for 24 hours prior to treatment and to shave around 4 days prior also. Wear comfy loose clothes as you will want to be comfortable during treatment and not have clothes rubbing on the area afterwards.

Upon arrival the staff were very professional and friendly and again walked me through what would be happening. The procedure starts with anaesthesia on the area of the treatment (possibly the worst part of the whole procedure with me being scared of needles). Then the miraDry machine is used to treat each arm pit in sections. The whole procedure generally lasts 45 mins to 1.5 hours depending on area required and the miraDry machine is actually pretty painless. There is the occasional slight pulling and hot sensation but it’s completely bearable.

PSH: Did it all run smoothly, or were there any unexpected factors/results?

It all ran according to plan however I didn’t expect to swell post procedure as much as I did. I am prone to swelling but my arm pits looked like the had balloons in them for several days afterwards and I did have some significant bruising from the needles from the anaesthesia. Again though this is all completely bearable and I only required painkillers on the first night to get a good sleep. I also had a bit of a reaction to the adrenaline in the anaesthesia which made my whole body shake quite noticeably but that subsided after a few minutes and was nothing to be concerned over, it was probably just an escalation of my anxiety I already had going into the treatment knowing I was going to be getting needles.

PSH: Looking back at your treatment and decision making process you would have done differently, or any advice that you have for anyone looking at a similar procedure?

I wouldn’t change my mind at all, I have definitely noticed a reduction in my sweat and for the 1st week after treatment I didn’t wear deodorant at all. My advice would be if you swell like I do to make sure you only wear a comfortable sports bra or crop bra for the 1st week as and restricting clothing can cause discomfort.

PSH: How was your recovery after the procedure?

I had Dr Scott Ingram administer my anaesthesia and Lorena do the treatment. Both were extremely lovely and made sure I was comfortable prior to, during & after the treatment.

PSH: How do you feel now in comparison to how you felt before your treatment, and have you got the results you were after?

Personally I am waiting till the weather warms up to see full results but have already seen a massive improvement of what I am used to, I will save money on deodorants from now on for sure. I am hoping to be able to add some colour in to my wardrobe without having to worry about large sweat patches in summer!

PSH: Are you looking at having any further treatment or procedures at the clinic? If so, why them?

I am possibly looking at some other treatments and will be attending their information night in August to get more details. I would choose them because the experience I had is pleasant and professional and they make sure you feel comfortable and talk throughout the treatment. You feel made to be welcome and not just another number being pushed in and out for a treatment.

PSH: How did your family and friends react to your results, or have you told them?

Quite a few of my work colleagues are interested in the treatment after having explained my experience and results. Hopefully some will be attending the open night with me to get more details!

If you’d like more information on the miraDry treatment or the Form & Function Clinic email us at or check out Form & Function Clinic website.


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