Facial Slimming

Dr Garry Cussell from Rejuvenation Clinics with a patient, looking at facial slimming and contouring options

We talk to Dr Garry Cussell from Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia about all the non-surgical options for facial slimming and facial contouring including injectables, Ultrasound energies, lasers, radiofrequency devices and more.

We talk about enhancing cheekbones, replacing volume, tightening and lifting the skin, tightening jowls and all the other issues associated with ageing.

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia offer every modality of non-surgical options for both facial and body slimming and contouring. You can learn more on their website. They offer FREE consultations so you can learn more about what treatment/s might be right for you.

Facial Slimming

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