Dr Bryan Mendelson

Dr Bryan Mendelson

Fat Injections are quickly becoming as popular as fillers and as a more natural and longer lasting option, it’s easy to see why. As one of Australia’s most prominent and highly regarded plastic surgeons, Dr Bryan Mendelson and his skin clinic are always at the forefront of the industry. They say fat injections in Melbourne are in demand and can be used in conjunction with other procedures such as facelifts; or as a stand alone procedure to restore volume to the ageing face. We asked Dr Mendelson’s team why fat injections are such a great alternative to traditional fillers.

What are fat injections?

Fat is removed from other areas on your body such as your abdomen or thighs via a liposuction-type procedure, washed and purified, and then injected into those areas on your face that will benefit from some filling. The patient coordinator from Dr Mendelson’s clinic says, “Fat injections can restore a look of good health by replenishing attractive curves and roundness to areas that look thin or gaunt. They can polish the result of other surgery, such as a facelift or eyelid surgery, but must always be used sparingly and only where needed.”

What can fat injections help with?

Fat injections can help with the following:

  • To plump up lips
  • To fill and rejuvenate sunken, gaunt eyes
  • Smooth out fine lines such as those around the mouth, eyes and on the forehead
  • Give more contour to cheeks, jawline or anywhere else on the face that needs a little more volume.

Dr Mendelson’s clinic says the results of fat injections are immediate and permanent. “Used with care and in certain depleted parts of the face, fat injections have a very useful role and provide lasting benefit.”

How do fat injections compare to fillers?

As with most procedures and treatments different patients have different preferences and need to identify what is right for them. We take a look at some of the pros of fat injections.


  • Fat injections are considered an autologous procedure (natural – as in, from your own body).
  • Fat injections are considered extremely safe because they are the more natural option – you are not putting any foreign materials into your body.
  • You can have a bit of liposuction at the same time!
  • They are long lasting, whereas traditional fillers need to be redone over time.

Fat injections in the face are a great option for anyone looking for a less invasive option to rejuvenate and contour an ageing face, and they are also extremely effective to enhance other procedures. If you’d like to have a chat to Dr Mendelson’s skin clinic about how fat injections might work for you phone (03) 9826 0977.

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