Fat Transfer is becoming a popular option for those wanting breast augmentation or body contouring, but you might still have some questions about it. Is it as effective as implants, is it safe, what is the recovery like? Dr Allan Kalus, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, was one of the first in the country to perform the procedure and has perhaps more experience than any other surgeon performing the procedure in Australia. Dr Kalus’ website, along with Fat Transfer Australia, is a wealth of information on the topic and we’ve provided a few links and popped a few videos below to get you started, and to help you answer your questions on Fat Transfer.

This video helps explain exactly how Fat Transfer to the Breast works and is the best place to start:

Dr Kalus talks about whether or not Fat Transfer to the Breasts might be right for you:

You can see Dr Allan Kalus actually performing a fat transfer procedure by heading to this link and checking out the “Dr Allan Kalus Performs Fat Transfer to the Breast” videos Parts 1 – 5.

I actually spoke to Dr Kalus a couple of years ago on the topic and this video is another great source of information about how fat transfer works:

I also highly recommend you listen to this podcast I did with Dr Kalus at the beginning of this year with the latest info on the success rates of fat transfer to the breast, among a whole lot of other info:

The Fat Transfer Australia website is an excellent source of information for anyone wanting to do their research on Fat Transfer to the Breasts before making a decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

If you’re looking for some Fat Transfer to the Breast BEFORE AND AFTER photos – you’ll find some great ones here.

If you’ve got ANY more questions AT ALL, we’re happy to help. We can get in touch with Dr Kalus for you and ask him to answer your questions. We have also arranged for Dr Kalus to do a Facebook Live with us in November, so we’ll also keep you posted on that one.


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