You’d have to be living under a rock if you hadn’t been hearing all the publicity regarding breast implants over the last couple of years. If you have implants you want to know if they’re ok, if they’re safe, and anything else that you need to be aware of. There has been much media coverage of Breast Implant Illness and BIA-ALCL affecting women with implants but most women should that their implants are still considered safe and the percentage of women having issues with their implants is still extremely small. Dr Rohit Kumar, Specialist Plastic Surgeon based at Leichhardt in Sydney, offers breast implant checks at a reduced rate of $100 for a consult. Should you need further intervention or surgery, then Dr Kumar will be able to perform this for you using the latest techniques in a safe environment.

Dr Kumar says having regular breast checks are suggested for all women, especially over the age of 40, and having regular breast implant checks is also encouraged to ensure both patient and implants are in good health.

“Having your implants checked by a specialist plastic surgeon will help to identify any issues that may occur with the implants. It’s good just to rule out any problems and to give the patient peace of mind that they and their implants are healthy and happy.”

implant checks

Dr Rohit Kumar

There are several things the surgeon can check for including:

If you feel your breasts have changed shape, there’s an increase in the size of one breast, there’s pain in one or the other particularly with a distortion of shape or if you have a new lump in your breast or armpit then it would be highly recommended that you have this checked out.

It is generally accepted that most implants will need replacing at some stage. There is a widespread belief that 10 years is the magic number but this is not necessarily true and most plastic surgeons agree implants can last twice that long in some patients, often longer. However, the longer a woman has her implants in, the higher the chance they have of one of the above side effects, so hence the importance of regular checks.

We just love that these elite surgeons are taking it upon themselves to offer patients free breast implant checks. The bonus is you don’t need to have gotten your implants from Dr Kumar, nor do you need to be a previous patient of his or anyone at Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary. A referral from your GP is not necessary for these checks but may be worth getting if you have any specific concerns.

To book your Breast Implant Check click here or phone Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary on 1300 26 77 26.

implant checks

Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary


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