The Australasian College of Dermatologists (ACD) will hold their Annual Scientific Meeting in Melbourne from 18 to 21 May where they will discuss genital dermatology including skin problems, disease and the treatment thereof. Presentations will include the diagnosis and management of thrush in women and male genital diseases including sexually transmitted diseases.

Genital skin issues are not an openly discussed issue and so many patients just live with them in silence. They are much more common than what you might think with thrush alone affecting 75% of women at least once during their lifetime. Genital issues can interfere with the patient’s sexual life, self-esteem and relationships. While some are curable with the right treatment, many chronic genital diseases require lifelong management. These are all things to be discussed at the meeting and in the ACD Media Release Dr Tania Day says, “Our journey to understand the diagnosis and management of thrush begins in the United States of America, then travels through Europe and ends in Australia with College Fellow, Associate Professor Gayle Fischer’s, work. Across these three continents, we find major differences in study inclusion criteria, treatment protocols, and definitions of outcomes. When we understand how these studies were designed, we can recognise whether or not the results apply to the woman sitting in our consultation room. Women with thrush show a spectrum of symptoms and examination findings, and each requires a thoughtful, individualised management plan.”

Associate Professor Anthony Hall says, “Genital diseases in men are associated with significant impairment in quality of life. Many genital skin diseases are unrecognised and under-diagnosed. Almost all patients with male genital lichen sclerosus are uncircumcised and there is no evidence of co-morbities with other auto immune diseases.”

If you’d like more information jump over to the Australasian College of Dermatologists Scientific Meeting website.


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