The MACS lift is one of the more popular techniques for face lifts. It offers minimal scarring, faster recovery, and less risk than traditional face lifts; and has become accepted worldwide by plastic surgeons as safe and effective.

Dr Patrick Briggs brings 20 years of international experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery to the innovative field of short scar techniques which includes the MACS lift. Having trained in the United States, Ireland, and London before re-establishing himself in Australia as a board certified plastic surgeon and current faculty member at the University of Western Australia, Dr Briggs says, “My passion is seeking optimum safe results for my patients to enhance their appearance and improve their life.”

What Is the MACS Lift?

The MACS lift stands for: minimal access cranial suspension lift. It was developed by a Belgian plastic surgeon in 1999 in order to create a facelift with minimal incisions, scarring, and quicker healing. The MACS lift can be summed up as a mini lift of the sagging face tissue through a small incision around the front of the ears to pull the skin back to tighten. This procedure is ideal for men and women with advanced signs of ageing, such as loose skin on the neck and cheeks, who want a natural looking face lift with few complications. Dr Briggs devoted years of training and now promotes the use of this procedure due to the numerous advantages with relatively few disadvantages.

The Procedure

The MACS lift can be performed with a local anaesthetic. The surgeon places a small incision of about 1cm on the upper side of the ear and one on the earlobe. These cuts are much smaller than the incisions made by traditional facelifts which often run from the hairline above the ear to the hairline behind the ear. The underlying facial tissue, known as SMAS, is then lifted and tightened and held in place by looped sutures that are attached to the temple. This tightens the skin in the neck and face region helping the skin to look more rejuvenated, youthful and natural. The excess skin is trimmed and the incision closed.


  • Short procedure: 1 ½ -3 hours
  • Smaller scar and more natural looking than a traditional facelift
  • Local anaesthetic or IV sedation
  • Less bruising and risk of nerve damage
  • Back to normal within 1-2 weeks of surgery
  • Long lasting results


  • Scar is very small, but is in front of the ear unlike traditional facelifts whose scars are behind the ear
  • Area affected is mainly the cheeks and front of neck and has less effect on the lateral side of neck
  • Not good for people with poor skin elasticity
  • Minimally invasive procedure sometimes means minimal training so important to have well trained and competent surgeon

MACS lifts are a state of the art procedure that can have you looking younger and more natural all while getting you out the door faster and being safer while doing so. If you are concerned about unsightly scars or intensive surgical procedures, yet still want to look more vibrant, a MACS lift may be the choice for you! You can read more about Dr Patrick Briggs and his awesome team here.


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