We have previously talked about companies who are helping to change the face of the aesthetics industry with their devices designed to help you look your best. The company I want to bring to your attention today is a company who is quietly changing the lives of thousands of Australians and patients all over the world with their treatments for everyday issues such as acne and excessive sweating. Device Consulting are behind the revolutionary MiraDry and TheraClear, as well as Viveve.

What does the Device Consulting range of devices do?

Solution to Sweating

Miradry might be the one we have paid more attention to on the Hub. This is because it’s the best treatment on the market today to stop sweating. Whilst you might not think this relates to you, it is life changing for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. It not only stops sweating altogether, but the odour often associated with it, and that’s worth it’s weight in gold for those who used to break out in a sweat when everyone else seems to be cool as cucumbers.

MiraDry is also an extremely popular treatment for women and men who just don’t want to sweat any more. Whether it’s to stop the embarrassment of a wet blouse on a hot day, or sweat pouring down your forehead when you’re in a business meeting, patients are loving this treatment and it’s only growing in popularity.

Say Goodbye to Acne

Acne. Say no more. Acne can be debilitating for many Australians and can lead to social anxiety, reclusiveness, loss of confidence and more. TheraClear is Device Consulting’s solution to acne and it works. Anyone who’s had acne has probably tried several remedies and not many of them work, and if they do, it’s temporary. TheraClear cleans the pores and removes the root cause of acne in the skin so produces a more permanent elimination of acne. Brilliant. Anyone who has acne and hasn’t tried the TheraClear yet should get excited.

Vaginal Incontinence and Laxity

Vaginal incontinence is an issue that affects more women than those who admit it. It’s a more silent issue that many women just “put up with” and while there’s more solutions becoming available today, Device Consulting have one of the more effective devices on the market to deal with it. Geneveve by Viveve is not widely available in Australia yet, however we are surely soon to follow the lead of New Zealand and embrace this treatment helping women to become more confident, not only after childbirth but as we age and things aren’t as tight as they used to be. Clinics and practitioners take note.

Who Are Device Consulting?

Focussing on the Australian and New Zealand markets means Device Consulting know what consumers and clinics want. They understand our lifestyle, know quality expected in our countries and make it their business to make sure our practitioners are using devices of the highest quality available anywhere in the world. Not only that, that they are trained to the highest of standards expected anywhere in the world.

These are the reasons why we wanted to include Device Consulting in companies that we trust to bring us the treatments we want, and give us the results we are looking for.

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