Interplast - cleft palate surgeryPeople often forget that plastic surgery has a very serious side and can not only save lives but make it more comfortable for those born with disabilities such as cleft lip or with physical trauma often left unattended for years. Not-for-profit organisation Interplast is a wonderful group of surgeons, nurses, anaesthetists and other medical professionals that donate their time to make a difference in less fortunate countries where medical facilities are substandard or even non-existent. There was an Interplast Exhibition at the 40th ASAPS Conference held at the end of October 2017 at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne.

Astounding Figures

It is estimated that 43 million people worldwide go without the medical attention they need. A large percentage of these are on Australia’s doorstep in 17 countries in the Asia Pacific Region. At the 40th Annual ASAPS Conference on the weekend, they highlighted the issue and Interplast’s role in trying to combat the problem by showing a photographic exhibition with some truly beautiful, but honest and sometimes confronting images.

President of ASAPS (Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) Dr Mark Magnusson said it was important to highlight the passion of many of the ASAPS members using their skills and experience to give back to communities through the Interplast program. “Collaboration can be a powerful thing, especially when it’s put to such a good cause as the partnership between ASAPS and Interplast.

Interplast - cleft palate surgery“Their important work in sending teams of volunteer Specialist Plastic Surgeons and other medical professionals to remote regions across the Asia Pacific to provide vital surgery and medical training affords our members a life-changing experience to work where their skills and expertise are needed most.”

The Interplast teams treat patients who would not have access to treatment otherwise. A lack of resources combined with under trained medical professionals often means patients, including many children and the country’s most vulnerable, go totally without necessary attention, or wait years too long, often resulting in irreversible or difficult to deal with medical issues. Not only that but the sheer number of those requiring attention is beyond the local medical services and their capacities.

CEO of Interplast, Ms Prue Ingram says, “Our partnership with ASAPS seeks to recruit new surgeons to our program and to provide financial support to aid more people in areas where the help is needed most.”

If you’d like to donate to Interplast, you can do so here.


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