Christina reviews a sample of Miranda Kerr’s ‘Kora Organics’.

I’ve never been a fan of celebrity-endorsed products; least of all beauty products whereby you secretly believe the end result will be you looking like a supermodel and thus (obviously) being successful, rich and adored by everyone…everywhere. So when I was asked to try and later review Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics – I accepted with a nonchalant, critical mind…

Like the millions of women around the globe, I’ve watched Ms Kerr walk the Victoria Secret fashion shows with a mix of envy and hopefulness (could this be me, ever?). So with my mix of cynicism and intrigue in full swing, I was given a skin-care package to follow and was put on a trial basis of 14 days to see if I could see a difference. The oily/combination skin package included a cleanser, toner and morning/night cream. The packaging is simplistic and neat, and as I lined up the bottles in my bathroom I have to admit I began to feel a little different – the sort of feeling you get when you buy all-new products from the pharmacy or make your bed with freshly-pressed linen; it’s kind of a refreshed, happy, calm feeling.

The first thing I noticed was the smell – all of these products smell divine. To begin with I used the foaming cleanser, which feels smooth and almost too gentle – so much so that it made me think I’d have to reach for my makeup wipes afterwards to really get everything off. However the cleanser actually worked wonders and after I rinsed it off and looked into the mirror I was surprised at how clean (and still smooth-looking) my skin appeared.

Next was the toner (or ‘mist’ as the bottle says). I thought toners were usually quite harsh and would sting when applied, yet the light spray is refreshing and light. The smell is not overly amazing, but this was an afterthought to what is a cool, invigorating product.

Finally the moisturiser: this is light-weight and feels (like most good moisturisers do) refreshing on your skin. Not too heavy that it actually feels like you have a mask on; this stuff is more like you’ve just had a facial – a good one.

The overall result after the two weeks is that my skin felt cleaner and more moisturised. It didn’t feel as oily as it did previously and every morning after my regime I felt refreshed. On the Kora website it advises that a full month is needed to see results, but for me the results happened essentially straight away. And while I still – unfortunately and to the disappointment of my boyfriend – look no more like Miranda Kerr than I did 14 days ago, I think I may at least get up every now and then and feel the same way as her…more-or-less…

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Christina Macpherson

Christina Macpherson is a writer, blogger, dog-owner and sometimes-model.

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