When restrictions were lifted recently, I couldn’t wait to get my skin sorted because seriously it felt like crap. Having had a treatment of a few years ago with Sciton’s Halo, I knew that’s exactly what I needed and wanted. So I wanted to share my Halo experience post-COVID with our community. Halo is growing in popularity and is becoming known as one of the latest ground-breaking skin treatments – and there’s a good reason why.

I started my day pretty excited and headed up to Allure Clinic In Toowoomba nice and early. My practitioner Hayley was ready for me when I arrived and I always know I’m in good hands with Hayley.

Latest Ground-Breaking Skin Treatment

At Allure Clinic having a face cleanse before my Halo Treatment

The first thing that happens during a Halo treatment is a thorough skin cleanse to get any residue make-up or other products off your skin. The next step is having a numbing cream applied to your face. This makes the Halo a pain-free treatment and means the whole process is completely comfortable. I actually really enjoyed this bit as it was like getting a face massage! The numbing cream works pretty quickly and Hayley then covered my eyes with some cute little eye shields to protect my eyes from the Halo laser device. These ensure maximum safety for the patient, so make sure your Halo practitioner uses them! The actual Halo laser treatment didn’t take too long at all and before I knew it they were applying a cooling cream to soothe the skin and make sure I wasn’t in any discomfort after the numbing treatment wore off.

The Halo Recovery Process

Straight after the treatment, your skin becomes hot. After the treatment I’m sure this varies patient to patient, but my face became puffy! I was given a take-home pack of goodies which included Dermaeceutic KCeutic SPF50, with instructions to apply every few hours for the first day and as I felt I needed it. There was also a Jane Iredale Hydration Spray which was a godsend! Especially in the first 24 hours. I was given instructions to drink plenty of water and stay out of full sun! My skin did get quite blotchy and have raised little marks, but this is all just part of the process to allow your new, beautiful skin underneath to emerge like a butterfly from the cocoon! Having had this treatment before I knew what to expect and it’s a small price to pay for a few days of looking a little red and puffy for the amazing after results.

You should expect to have downtime of a few days, and in my case it was Day 7 when I started to look “normal”. This is when the puffiness had started to disappear and the flaky skin was starting to disappear as well.

For a more detailed day to day diary of my Halo experience make sure you check out our Instagram page! I share a video diary of the actual treatment and every day after the treatment so you can see exactly what was happening every step of the way. You won’t want to miss this so you know exactly what to expect from your Halo treatment. I’ve put together a bit of a visual diary from snapshots from the videos below, but don’t miss the videos! Oh, and

Latest Ground-Breaking Skin Treatment

What is Halo?

HALO is the latest ground-breaking skin treatment using a new hybrid fractional laser. Halo delivers this hybrid technology of two different treatments at the same time – an ablative and non-ablative energy to the skin.

Over the years, our skin naturally loses the glow of youth. With the harsh Australian sun, this natural ageing process is fast-tracked. We develop unattractive sunspots and fine lines faster than most nationalities.

Until now, lasers struggled to remove this damage to our skin, as the treatments were often either too shallow or too deep. By providing the combined, hybrid qualities of HALO, you can expect to eliminate years of ageing by targeting the right depth precisely.

You can expect HALO to restore the luminous glow you had when you were young.

HALO can target a variety of skin damage including sun damage, fine lines, large pores, tone and texture. HALO can also be customised to your skin’s individual needs and it suits all skin types.

Choose Your Treatment to Suit Your Needs

You can choose to enjoy a light treatment that will induce a youthful glow with little to no downtime. Alternatively, you can opt for a more intensive treatment that will produce dramatically improved skin and a beautiful result.


Hands down, I believe Halo is one of the best treatments around. 10/10 and 100% recommend it!

Booked in for my 2nd one in July today. Looking forward to it. Apparently it’s even better. I can only imagine!!??

#ChooseWisely #StaySafe


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