Lisa is a nurse, a mum of 3 and after finishing her family and losing some weight, she chose Newcastle’s Dr Nicholas Moncrieff, for her mummy makeover. She shared her story with us.

Lisa's Mummy Makeover

Lisa’s mummy makeover has helped her increase her core strength.

Why did you choose to have surgery?

After having my three kids, I had lost quite a bit of weight. But it didn’t matter what I did, I still had a quite a bit of loose skin on my stomach and muscle separation.

Even though I was quite small back then, I still didn’t fit into my clothes properly. I would often look like I was in the early stages of pregnancy again.

What made you choose Dr Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery?

I came across Dr Moncrieff when I was researching into having this surgery. I liked that he was local for me, especially having three young kids. Across Google reviews, forums and word-of-mouth, the overwhelming response I got was from women wishing they’d done this sooner, so that’s what pushed me to get mine done – and I’m so glad I did!

How do you feel after surgery?

I feel a lot stronger now, both physically and mentally. My core feels stronger now so I can do a lot more activities then I could before. Shopping is more enjoyable now that clothes fit me so much better. And I don’t feel self-conscious at the beach wearing a cozzie anymore.

Out of all the new things I can do now after surgery, the most rewarding feeling is being able to hang out with the kids and be active with them.

How did you find your experience with Dr Moncrieff?

He was so supportive and understanding of my situation. Both he and Jessica (the practice manager) made me feel at ease and answered all my questions.

From the initial consultation all the way through to the aftercare, both he and his whole team were there to answer any questions.

Was it worth it?

Totally! My life has changed completely for the better. I could not recommend it more highly.

For more information on Dr Nicholas Moncrieff you can check out his website at Hunter Plastic Surgery.

Lisa's Mummy Makeover

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