Trish: I’m here again today with Paul McGee from High Tech Laser. We’re going to have a chat about this new laser that’s out that’s actually pain-free hair removal for all skin types, which is really, really exciting. Thanks Paul. Tell us a bit about it.

Paul: Just as you said, Movio is a new technical development in Alexandra laser technology. What’s happened is that first of all, what you’ve got to realise is that with a lot of skin, you get a very large loss of energy through reflection. So, what Deka have done with the Movio technology is to pretty much eliminate that loss of energy. In designing a hand piece, they’ve come up with not just the hand piece but the whole technology. They’ve evolved technology which will deliver painless hair removal for all skin types, right up to skin type six.

Trish: Like I have dark skin and I can’t have my hair removal, so this will be okay for me?

Paul: Absolutely. Yeah.

Trish: Wow.

Paul: It produces pretty much no more than a prickle in the skin. It’s quick and you probably finish off using less treatments for the whole course of the hair removal treatment as well.

Trish: Okay. It’s the latest from the market, laser hair removal, pain free and does all skin colours, even light and dark… the whole spectrum?

Paul: Yeah.

Trish: And it’s pain free?

Paul: Yeah.

Trish: Wow. That’s fantastic. Awesome. Great. If you’ve had problems with hair removal before or if you just can’t put up with the pain or you’re too dark, too light, whatever, for hair removal this could be the device for you. If you want to find out where you can get this done close to where you are, just drop us an email at or give us a call. Thanks Paul.

Paul: Pleasure.

Trish: Thank you.


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