Eight weeks ago I had a multiple belt lipectomy, which is basically a tummy tuck – three little bits taken. I had this done with Dr Craig Rubinstein, from Cosmetic Surgery for Women. I found that I had a really quick recovery with this; it was an excellent surgery. The planning of it was something that I hadn’t even thought that we had to do. Basically, before Dr Rubinstein actually did the operation he spent almost an hour just actually marking me and seeing exactly what needed to be removed from where. I’d actually had a tummy tuck about 20 years ago. I put on weight and lost weight since then, so I had dog-ears and just wasn’t really happy with the way my body was looking. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long, long time.

After my recovery, the last procedure I had, it took me a long time to recover, but after this recovery, I was actually … I can’t believe how quickly I recovered. I think that’s because the post-op care was so good. I was given probiotics and vitamins from Dr Rubinstein’s office as well, I was provided with the after care garments; it was just so much I was given to help in my post-recovery as well. I was out of hospital within 3 days. I was actually straight on to … I was on painkillers the first day, painkillers the second day, but on the third day I was just on Panadol and I always believe that the quicker you get off the heavy-duty pain killers, the faster you are going to recover, so I was on Panadol from day 3.

After about one week, I wasn’t taking any more pain killers. I was able to stand up straight within a week as well. Basically what I’m trying to say, is this was probably the best surgery that I’ve ever had. The recovery was really, really quick. I can’t recommend Craig and his team highly enough. They just take you under their wing and … All the way through. It’s been a great journey for me. What I’ll actually show you now, is just little snippets of video that I took the first couple of days, a few photos. If you’ve got any questions and you want to know anything about the surgery, or anything about the team, at Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Hawthorn and Berwick, Victoria, just drop me an email to info@plasticsurgeryhub.com.au. Thank you.

Morning of Surgery

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning, day of surgery. It’s really dark outside. I am so excited, I’m so nervous. I’m having a coffee. I’ve got till 8 o’clock before I can … 8 o’clock is the cutoff time for food or drinks. I’m getting in a quick coffee before I get ready for my surgery at 3. I’ve been up, like every hour on the hour. I am so looking forward to this surgery. Keep you posted.

After Surgery

So, I’m back in the room now. I’ve had my procedure, I’m feeling remarkably good. I don’t know why, anyway, because I’ve had a major surgery; but I’m feeling remarkably good. Not too much pain, a little bit, sort of, like I’ve got the binder on now, so a little bit tight round the side. I finally got a cup of tea, which is what I really want because my throat’s really sore. That’ll be from the tube, from the anaesthetic.

I’m feeling pretty good. Struggling to sleep, but hopefully I’ll find some Z’s really soon. Keep you posted, I can’t believe I don’t really look like I’ve had major surgery, but I’m feeling good. I’m cold, I was really cold. That’s about the only thing that I’ve felt. Okay, keep you posted.

Day 1

I’m here, this is the day after surgery, so commonly known as day 1. I’m feeling pretty good, I can’t believe how upright I’m standing. I wasn’t feeling so great this morning. I struggled to sleep last night. This morning I was feeling great until they gave me a medication, which was a slow-release, I think it was called Targil or something. Definitely not my kind of medication. Didn’t agree with me, made me feel nauseous.

I’ve come good again now as well, so as needing to try not to over-do it. I had my first shower and feeling quite okay. A little bit sore; bit sore around the groin area, but feeling pretty good. Feeling pretty good. I had a little sneak peek at myself, so I’m really, really swollen at the moment. Got my compression garment on. All in all, feeling pretty good. Keep you posted.

Day 2

It’s now Thursday, I had my op on… no, it’s Friday. I had my op on Wednesday. I’m feeling really tired today. I took a sleeping tablet last night because I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since the op but I’m feeling a bit flat today. Day 3 is flat day, so be ready for it… I’m feeling lazy.

Can’t wait to get out of here. Really, I’ll be out tomorrow, but all’s good. Food’s… actually it’s quite good for hospital food. I can’t wait to get out and get a real, wholesome, nutritious meal and then real coffee. Oh my God, I’d kill for a real coffee. Keep you posted.

Day 3

Morning! It’s day 3 after surgery, so it’s Saturday, and my surgery was on Wednesday. I’m just about to check out of the hospital. Going to a hotel-stay for a few days. Feeling pretty good, everything’s been great. I finally went to the toilet, which was a welcome relief. Now I’m looking forward to, I think today’s the first I started to notice the healing, the swelling was going down a little bit. I’ll keep you posted.

Day 4

I’m just, almost feeling guilty about how great I feel since I’ve had my tummy tuck surgery. I’ll put some piccies up tomorrow when I feel a bit more confident. Woo-hoo.

Day 5

So, I’ve had a few procedures, but I’m really excited by this tummy tuck that I just had this week, because I had my surgery on Tuesday, and I’m feeling like so good. I’ve just been shopping in Chapel Street, I’m staying in the hotel while I’m recuperating. I reckon it’s no drains, I think it’s no drains. I haven’t got a really tight compression garment – he’s given me just these Berlei undie things, but feeling amazing. Amazing.

Day 6

Hello, I just want to let you know how bloody wonderful I’m feeling. I’m, like, up fully, 100%, like upright. Not hunched over or anything, and feeling really good, so I want to let you know. Bye.


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