The clinic was called Academy Laser Clinics and the representative from Silhouette Soft Threads was holding the training with 3 students and Dr Bao was doing the procedure on me.

We had a conversation that was videotaped and I addressed my real concerns. I’m 42yo and after weight loss and aging my face is no longer full and I have saggy neck. I don’t want a face lift cause I’m too young and I can’t afford the downtime from the surgery. I am a very busy mum and I run my own business so unfortunately my “away time” is non existent. I really value my appearance and I’m always looking at ways to look a little better. I have had fillers previously but I just feel fillers give me a puffy face and are not really giving me the lift I’m after. Also with fillers I do get bruises which are always a concern.

Nicole Silhouette Soft

The thread lift was really the most ideal option for me. The procedure takes like 1 hour, is completely safe and the threads are even dissolving after 18+ months!

So after the consultation we went in to the procedure room and the dr measured my face and marked where the threads go. He then injected the local anaesthetic into the points and waited for it to numb. This was probably the most painful part and it was NOT painful at all, just like a Anti-wrinkle injections needle.

Nicole Silhouette Soft ProcedureThe dr then proceeds to insert the needle to the points he wants to lift, so it’s like a thread in a needle going through your skin and then coming out, clicks into a little cone under your skin (which you can’t see or feel) and then comes out the other end (in the hairline) where they pull to lift.

So then you sit up and have these tiny threads sticking out (I guess like whiskers) the dr then pulls to create the lift and tension. As the dr pulls the threads click and lock under your skin, the lift is instant. The threads are cut and it’s done!

I do have a couple of dimples or gatherings where the inserts were made but they are also a bit of swelling and will go down in a few days. Today being the second day I have got makeup on and I’m at work all day. No one has commented on the dimples, I think they just look like a pimple. But I’ve got my hair down.

Overall my lift is great so far. I can notice a difference, it’s so soft and I have just a nice effect.
I still have a week or so until I see the greatest effect but overall I’m enjoying the change. The best part of the procedure was the no downtime of bruising or away from normal activities (other than no exercising).

I’m writing a blog post for the clinic and continue to take progress shots but I’ve got a few photos for you and a video of the strings. I also can’t enforce enough that the procedure is relatively pain free.

Nicole Silhouette Soft - before & after

Academy Laser Clinics are located in Crows Nest in Sydney or in Perth, WA. If you’d like to arrange a consultation phone Sydney (02) 9439 9293 or Perth (08) 9382 3238 or visit their website.


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