Sweat. Pretty much all of us do it, some more than others. It can be an embarrassing thing to deal with… smelly, and just annoying. However, there is a treatment taking the market by storm that is appearing in clinics all over the country. And it’s not just for patients who have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Those of us who just don’t want to sweat it out any more are taking advantage of this awesome new treatment that takes the sweat away in just one sitting, permanently.

MiraDry TreatmentCelebs and those in the know have been taking advantage of the benefits of one of the side effects of Anti-wrinkle injections for years. Yep, you heard me right. If you weren’t already aware… Anti-wrinkle injections stops you from sweating in the areas where you have the injections (not permanently though, mind you). But not all of us want Anti-wrinkle injections. MiraDry by Device Consulting is a revolutionary treatment that offers all the benefits of a ‘walk in – walk out’ non- surgical approach and has one purpose only. To target your sweat glands and stop you from sweating! We spoke to Shannon, a real life patient of the miraDry treatment, whose life has definitely improved since her miraDry treatment at Chatswood Dermatologist in NSW.

PSH: How did you find out about the miraDry treatment and what motivated you to take the step of booking in to have it done?

Shannon: After years of suffering from sweaty underarms I decided to see if there was a more permanent procedure on the market as I had only been previously aware of Anti-wrinkle injections which is a temporary solution. I came across Dr Rod Gillespie in Chatswood offering the miraDry treatment and after some research on the internet I decided it was the way forward with nothing to lose.

PSH: How did you find the miraDry treatment? I.e. did it hurt, was it uncomfortable, how long did it take, how were you feeling during the treatment?

Dr Gillespie from Chatswood Dermatology

Dr Gillespie from Chatswood Dermatology

Shannon: I was surprised at how relatively quick the treatment was, approximately 1.5 hours in total. Upon arriving at Dr Gillespie’s rooms I filled out and read all the post treatment information that was on offer to me in relation to miraDry, then I was whisked into the treatment room where a stencil was placed on each of my underarms. Local anaesthetic was strategically given in sections of the axilla to numb the area, then followed the miraDry technique. This was described to me as unique microwave energy being focused on the sweat glands eliminating them via continued heating whilst the skin is cooled. It was a strange feeling at first. Not painful at all, but a weird sucking sensation which was the skin being pressed against the cooling pad whilst the microwave energy does it’s work on the sweat glands. First the right underarm was completed then the procedure was completed on the left underarm. I felt no pain throughout the entire procedure and was completely comfortable on the treatment table. I was given small ice packs following the procedure and was told to use them as much as possible within the 24 hours following. Once the local anaesthetic started to wear off I took some pain relief for the following 24 hours. There was some bruising in the days that followed but this subsided after 5 days.

PSH: Is there anything you think patients considering having the treatment should know about the procedure?

Shannon: Ensure that you give yourself a few days to return to your full functioning self, don’t expect to go swinging a golf club the next day.

PSH: Were there any side effects or downtime?

Shannon: I took some pain relief for 24 hours after and my underarms felt slightly swollen for 3 days following, however this didn’t impact my general day to day lifestyle.

PSH: How was your practitioner and did they do everything to make you comfortable?

Haley, miraDry practitioner from Chatswood Dermatology

Haley, miraDry practitioner from Chatswood Dermatology

Shannon: The nurse undertaking the procedure at Dr Gillespie’s rooms was completely professional and caring at all times, whilst the nurse completed the procedure Dr Gillespie checked in on several occasions to see how the treatment was progressing and to ensure I was comfortable.

PSH: Did the miraDry treatment give you the results you had hoped for?

Shannon: Very happy with the results, I can’t speak highly enough of miraDry and the treatment at Chatswood Dermatologist. I no longer feel self-conscious on a daily basis whether it be due to the heat or stressful situations I just don’t sweat or smell like I used to.

PSH: Will you require any further miraDry treatments?

Shannon: No I was advised that I would only require one treatment and no follow-up treatments would be required.

PSH: Would you recommend the miraDry treatment to friends and family or anyone else considering the treatment?

Shannon: Absolutely miraDry has given me the freedom to not have to overthink buying clothes or strategically pick clothes out for occasions wondering whether I will sweat too much causing wet patches and odour.

PSH: How has having the treatment changed your life, i.e. has it enabled you to do things you weren’t confident to do before, etc.?

Shannon: I no longer have to worry about carrying extra fragrance around in my bags should I start to feel self-conscious from the odour and want to mask the smell. I also don’t have to check the label on clothes to ensure it is made up of purely natural fibres which I could only wear before due to the sweat and smell that can be caused from synthetic fibres. It has just made life easier in general one less hassle to think about. Anyone that does have a sweat problems should absolutely try miraDry.

Shannon had her treatment at Chatswood Dermatology at Suite 110, 63A Archer Street, Chatswood, phone (02) 9411 6929 or check out their website here. Or, if you’d like more information about the miraDry treatment check out the blogs below or click here to find a miraDry practitioner near you.

Excessive Sweating? No Problem! This one off treatment could answer your dreams…
Confidently Dry Underarms With miraDry


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