The recent ASCD2018 Conference was jam packed with devices and non-aesthetic treatments but one I was really interested in was the new body contouring device by High Tech Laser, ONDA. ONDA is helping to treat cellulite, fat reduction and skin tightening all in the one device which is just incredible. Not only that, but you need less sessions than usually required for these type of treatments. This was a super interesting interview and afterwards I had a treatment myself. It was TOTALLY PAIN FREE! I’ll be posting before pics and in 12 weeks I’ll do an AFTER pic so you can see for yourself the results 🙂

Trish: Hello, viewers, I’m here today with Frederica, and Frederica is from Florence, in Italy, and she’s from Deka, and we’re going to talk about this amazing new device that’s just come onto the market, and it’s called the Onda, and you guys are gonna love this. It’s all about body contouring, cellulite, so it’s just right up my alley.

Trish: So, welcome! Thank you for joining us today.

Frederica: You’re welcome. Thank you.

Trish: So tell me about this machine. What does it do?

Frederica: This is a very new device. It works with microwaves at 2.45 gigahertz, so we are using a very high frequency to treat localised fat, cellulite, and skin. So the incredible aspect of this device is the only place that you have the treatment. I mean, while I’m doing a tightening treatment, I’m doing a fat-reduction treatment also at the same time. And the results are visible already after one, two sessions.

Trish: So you’ve got cellulite, you’ve got skin tightening, and fat reduction all in one. It’s like the holy grail.

Frederica: Yup, the same parameters with the same end piece, all happen the same time.

Trish: And can you treat any part of the body?

Frederica: With the exception of the face, for the moment, but in the future Deka will make a shallower end piece in order to treat the area of the face, to improve the loss in volume and skin quality also.

Trish: All right. And how long has it been available elsewhere? How new is it?

Frederica: I think is available from six months or more, so it’s a really new device, unique device in the market right now, because Deka is the only factory that makes microwaves for body contouring. But I’ve been working with this device for two years. I made the clinical studies, so this device has no secrets from me.

Trish: Right. So, tell us a bit about the results that you’ve seen over the last two years since you’ve been using it – what the results have been like.

Frederica: For example, it’s incredible when we treat cellulite, immediately after one session we have very visible loss of volume and improvement of the skin, immediately. We can break out the fibrous strands, so the skin really improve very, very well.

Trish: Yeah, right, ’cause the cellulite is all about the fibrous strands, and so this kind of breaks it down.

Frederica: Yeah.

Trish: And tightens the skin at the same time?

Frederica: Yes, at the same time.

Trish: And reduces the size of the-

Frederica: Less volume, and, for example, the last patient I treated show off four centimetres of circumference in only one session.

Trish: Wow.

Frederica: So this is incredible.

Trish: And is it just one treatment, or is it a series of treatments, or is it better results over more treatments? Like, if I wanted to get rid of, say, I’ve got a lot around my legs and bum, do I think, okay, it’s gonna take me a year for it to happen, or is there a process with it?

Frederica: No, normally we suggest to do at least three, four sessions. Of course, it depends on the patient situation, but already after three sessions you can see a very, very good results. So my maximum, I did six sessions for one patient, and we suggest maintenance every five months, more or less.
Trish: Okay, all right. So you get it done, get to where you want, and then probably every five or six months you go back and just have another treatment to maintain it at that level.

Frederica: But only one treatment, it’s enough.

Trish: Oh, okay, only one more after? Not every six months?

Frederica: No. No, no. It depends on the patient.

Trish: Okay, of course. So it is a long-term solution. All right. So with the hand pieces, does it hurt the patient? Is it uncomfortable?

Frederica: Absolutely not, because it’s completely painless. The patient could feel a warm sensation just at the end of the session, during the last two minutes. But that’s it. It’s not painful.

Trish: All right. And so what’s the technology behind it? How does it work?

Frederica: It works with microwaves. It’s like the microwave oven, so we heat what we have inside, so we heat only the fat, and we can only skip the skin, going down into deeper layer. This is a very interesting aspect, because we can confirm that we are really focused only on fat layer, and then all this heat situated on fat layer goes up toward the skin so we have remodulation of collagen, and we have formation of new collagen, so we have good improvement also on skin quality.

Trish: Okay.

Frederica: And we have a very strong cooling system situated on the top of the hand piece in order to cool down the skin while we deliver the energy.

Trish: Okay, so it doesn’t burn?

Frederica: … to balance the hot and cold sensation.

Trish: Okay. So it doesn’t burn at all, and it’s not uncomfortable, like a bit of a warm massage, maybe? Feels like that, maybe?

Frederica: I always suggest [inaudible 00:05:12] to go to lymphatic massage twice a week after the treatment in order to help the drainage make a [inaudible 00:05:18], to remove all the scraps.

Trish: Yeah, okay. So you have your treatment, and of course you’ve got to drink plenty of water and do all the right things, and it’s gonna have a better effect. And how long before you kind of see results? I know you said that lady lost four centimetres, but is it instant, or it takes a little bit of time to show what it looks like?

Frederica: We have to wait at least 30, 40 days to see results. So, for example, I saw her back after 45 days, and she lost four centimetres, and after the second session, she lost two centimetres more. So, I suggest to wait a longer period between one session to another, in order to help the lymphatic system to remove all the break-up cells.

Trish: Yeah, so how that kind of works is, you have the treatment, then your body’s natural mechanism to get rid of all the crap kicks in, so it takes that time to get rid of all the scraps, as you call them, and the true effect to show.

Frederica: Yeah, because we have the lipocytes break up, so we have to leave the time to let the system to remove all these scraps. Drinking a lot of water, eating healthy food, of course, and.. to go lymphatic massage twice a week would be fantastic.

Trish: All right. And how long does the treatment take? If I was to come and get, say, the tops of my legs done?

Frederica: We always divide the treatment area into 15 by 15 centimetres square. And we take about 10 minutes in each square, so it depends on how many squares we treat. So in general, we treat the legs with four square, for example. One, in … area, and one in the inner thigh, or knee, it depends on the patient. So we will take about 40 minutes.

Trish: All right. So, did you say four or six?

Frederica: Forty minutes.

Trish: Okay, so for me it might take 80 minutes, because if it’s a 15-centimeter gap, obviously it would be less for you than it would for me, so it depends on the size of the area that you’re treating as well.

Frederica: Yes.

Trish: Alright, okay.

Frederica: But generally we suggest to treat only the most problematic area, because we have a diffusion on fat layer of the heat. So we can see good results also in the surrounding area, outside of the…

Trish: Okay, so it doesn’t just work on the area. It has a bit of an ef-

Frederica: Yeah.

Trish: Which makes sense, actually, ’cause it goes out in a bit more… How awesome! All right, so it doesn’t take long, about 40 minutes for a four-area treatment?

Frederica: Yeah, 10 minutes in each square.

Trish: And it doesn’t hurt. And does cellulite, skin tightening, and body contouring, like fat reduction. Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it.

Trish: Thank you so much for taking the time-

Frederica: No, thank you. You’re welcome.

Trish: Now, these are only new to Australia, so if you’d like to find a practitioner that can offer this for you, you can drop me an email to [email protected] Thank you so much for taking the time.

Frederica: Thank you.

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