Coolsculpting. Sounds pretty cool! It is actually pretty cool, when you consider what it is and what it does. Coolsculpting is the term for a technology that can actually cool fat cells down to a temperature that initiates a process whereby the body is able to more easily metabolise (or break down) the fat. This leads to a noticeable reduction in fat cells in the treated area.


Coolroom treatment room at Academy Facial Plastics and Laser Specialist

How can that be? It has been shown in research that fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the cold than other surrounding tissue of the body. Therefore, if you expose particular areas to cooling via this Coolsculping technology you are able to target difficult to treat pockets of fat and over a period of 2 – 4 months that fat will be naturally broken down and discarded by the body. The thing we love about Coolsculping is that it does its job in such a way that there is no need for needles, knifes, pain medication or anesthesia – awesome!

We have been onto Coolsculpting for a while, but there is now such a thing as Dual Sculpting, which is actually even cleverer!! It is basically Coolsculpting done in half the time by using two Coolsculpting machines at once, minimising patient treatment time.

Now, hold your horses, because there is now an extension of this technology – the new purpose built Cool Rooms! Yes, we’ve all heard of the cool rooms in shops or factories that keep food cool, but how can it be that we are now seeing Cool Rooms pop up in beauty clinics around the country?

We spoke to Dr Jayson Oates, Cosmetic Surgeon, located at the Academy Facial Plastics and Laser Specialist in Subiaco, Western Australia about the treatment. Already known for being one of the country’s top Cosmetic Surgeons, Dr Oates’ clinic is also at the forefront of the latest non-invasive beauty treatments. They have recently installed a fully customised Cool Room which will be introduced to their clients at the end of the month via a Cool Event! As Academy has been Coolsculpting for over four years and have been getting excellent results, we wanted to ask exactly how it worked, why they moved to Dual Sculpting and what results they were getting.


Coolroom treatment rooms at Academy Facial Plastics and Laser Specialist

“Coolsculpting has been a great treatment for us. It complements liposuction – not everyone wants or needs a surgical option. Zeltig (the manufacturer of Coolsculpt) keep coming out with new applicators so we can treat new areas of the body. This summer they are bringing out one for under the chin. Maybe we will get to the time where we don’t need to do any liposuction as Coolsculpting is so good. Dual sculpting has halved the time it takes to do treatments which has reduced one of the biggest drawbacks – the time it takes to do the treatments.”

Academy Facial Plastics and Laser Specialist is the only clinic in Western Australia to offer Coolsculpting, Dual Sculpting and have a Cool Room and is therefore somewhere we fully recommend you check out if you have an inclination to get rid of your stubborn pockets of fat in the lead up to summer and the beach/shorts weather! Even if you don’t live in Western Australia, what an excuse for a mini-getaway!

For more information on Dr Jayson Oates’ and the DualSculpting treatments they offer visit their listing here where you can send them an email enquiry, or if you would like to give them a call to enquire about their VIP Cool Event you can phone them directly on 08 9382 4800.


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