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Scar Revision Surgery and other ways to Minimise Scars

Scar Revision Surgery and other ways to Minimise Scars

Scars are something no one asks for whether they are from a plastic surgery procedure, an accident, acne or anything else. Dr Mark Vucak, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Queensland Plastic Surgery sees quite a few patients each year for scar revision surgery which...

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Dr Jayson Oates talks about Laser Safety

Dr Jayson Oates talks about Laser Safety

From hair removal to skin rejuvenation, vein treatment to tattoo removal, vaginal rejuvenation and more, lasers can do a wide range of non-surgical treatments. However, it is important to make sure you find a practitioner who knows what they’re doing, with the right...

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Minimising Scars with Stratamed

Minimising Scars with Stratamed

Scars start to form within 48 hours of a wound closing. It is in this initial 48 hours that most wound infections develop which contribute to the unsightliness of scars and so it is the most important time to care for and look after the wound. Stratamed by Stratpharma...

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At the hub we’ve compiled lots of information describing the various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures and the risks that can be involved. This information is designed to help you with your decision making.

We believe that surgery is a serious matter that shouldn’t be entered into lightly. We definitely do not think that a decision to have surgery should be influenced by a cheap procedure or the lure of an overseas holiday. It simply makes no sense to increase your risks.

Now, you might be very surprised to know that in Australia any doctor is allowed to perform plastic surgery… such as a breast augment, or a facelift… I don’t know about you, but for me this would be totally unacceptable.

If I’m going to have a procedure as prominent as a facelift or a boob job, then I want to make sure that the doctor is a qualified surgeon, with specialised training in plastic surgery. Nothing less would do.

The single most important advice that I can give you is to make sure that your doctor is a trained surgeon.

If you decide to proceed and go ahead with the surgery we’d love to hear about your experience, and I’m sure many other readers that are contemplating similar surgery and are having similar concerns and experiences would love to hear about it too.


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