All men, it’s often claimed, want to be James Bond, partly because it’s also claimed that all women want to be with James Bond. In reality of course, not many men actually look like Daniel Craig, and a similarly small minority of women resemble Eva Green. The closest that many of us will come to emulating the characters in Casino Royale is by playing casino games on our mobile devices at sites like At least that way we can sharpen up our skills for the day when someone does eventually whisk us off to Monte Carlo!

So are the beautiful people we see on screen and in magazines fuelling a boom in plastic surgery? The number of breast augmentations performed worldwide, for example, has increased dramatically in the last decade. Also on the up are liposuction operations and rhinoplasty.

You could argue that the wall-to-wall media coverage of celebrities who have had boob jobs is influencing young women, but it’s also possible that the drop in the price of surgery has had an effect. The increase in liposuction procedures may be partly down to a global obesity epidemic.

It does seem likely, however, that the constant barrage of airbrushed photos of young, attractive celebrities in the media makes many people (particularly young women) consider the idea of surgery.

The situation is not quite as straightforward as it seems at first glance. In fact, though the numbers of cosmetic surgery procedures were up by the beginning of the decade, many of them were less invasive options, including Anti-Wrinkle Injections and laser skin treatments.

Magazines and celebrity-gossip-driven TV shows are rarely slow when it comes to highlighting movie stars and musicians who may have taken surgery a step too far, but the majority of people who decide to have a little work done are as aware of these cases as they are of the other side of the coin.


It’s even suggested now that we’re influencing ourselves; the American Academy Of Facial, Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) recently reported that the trend for “selfies” – self-portraits taken with a digital camera – has led to a rise in requests for procedures. People are looking at their own photos on social media and noticing things they’d like to change.

The main issue with media coverage of celebrities and cosmetic surgery is that a story is only news if it’s at the extreme end of the spectrum. Most people choose to have quick, simple procedures that make them feel better about themselves. If you’re considering such a treatment, speak to a qualified surgeon about the options available.

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